End Of The Year Thanks

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made 2010 such a great year for us at RadioInsight.com. We’ve broken many of our previous traffic records, continue to see an increase in our Twitter followers, and have had more fun reporting on the industry than we did in a long time.

We’ve seen many stations come and go this year, but the biggest trend for much of 2010 was the shift of spoken word Talk and Sports formats from AM to FM. We’ve seen some unique stations like Live 100.5 Birmingham go and a slow death march for Smooth Jazz nationwide. But if 2010 cab bring a new Easy Listening station to a major market, I’d say that radio is still finding ways to develop new and compelling programming.

We’re putting the finishing pieces on evolving our original concept into something never seen before in radio circles and hope you’ll find it as useful as we do.

We’ve been meaning to give a Twitter follow list for a while and it would probably be better if we just say to follow everybody we’re folllowing, here are some of our favorites who have helped make 2010 so enjoyable and informative: @airchecker, @bradcorner, @broadcastkc, @javajoel, @kent_ahrens, @lostremote, @martindave, @matthaze, @nefccinfo, @neradiowatch, @ohiomediawatch, @robertfeder, and a few we’re probably forgetting.

We leave you tonight with a flashback to our favorite story to cover this year and hopes that it is not repeated in 2011!

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