There’s A Party In San Antonio

Party 97.7 KLTO Univision 977 97-7 Rock San Antonio

Univision’s 97.7 KLTO McQueeny, TX has dropped its Active Rock “97-7 Rock” format and switched to CHR as “Party 97.7“.

The station is programmed from Univision’s San Antonio studios yet rimshots San Antonio from 51 miles to the east and Austin from 71 miles to the south. It shows up in both markets ratings, but has a more usable signal within the San Antonio market. The move places the station in competition with Clear Channel’s “Mix 96.1” KXXM and Border Media’s 94.1 KTFM while flanking sister Rhythmic CHR “98.5 The Beat” KBBT.

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  1. KevanGC says

    Good station.

    I like how it doesn’t speed up it’s music like KTFM and KXXM do.

    1. Ray says

      Love this station like how it plays the name after the song, and very good choice of music, update and very poppin..

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