Clear Channel To Simulcast Five FM Stations On XM

Z100 Kiss XM SiriusXM Mix Music Summit Nashville WSIX

Five Clear Channel owned stations will begin simulcasting on XM Radio beginning tonight at midnight eastern time.

Channel 11 will replace CHR “Kiss” with a simulcast of CHR 102.7 KIIS-FM Los Angeles.
Channel 12 will replace Hot AC “Mix” with a simulcast of CHR “Z100” WHTZ New York.
Channel 13 will replace AAA “Music Summit” with a simulcast of AC “106.7 Lite-FM” WLTW New York.
Channel 57 will replace Country “Nashville” with a simulcast of Country “The Big 98” 97.9 WSIX Nashville.
Channel 163 will replace South Asian “Bollywood And Beyond” with a simulcast of Urban 107.5 WGCI Chicago.

These channels will only air on XM satellite receivers and not on Sirius as part of the licensing agreement which gives Clear Channel the right to program a portion of XM’s bandwidth. Clear Channel has simulcasted KIIS, WLTW, WSIX, KHMX Houston, and WLW Cincinnati at various points in XM’s history.

Update 6/13: We’ve received quite a few complaints from former Nashville listeners in the comments and via e-mail that don’t quite understand a few things.

1) SiriusXM AND especially have no say over the content of the channels programmed by Clear Channel.

2) The Nashville Channel IS STILL available on and its respective smartphone apps.

3) All complaints need to be directed towards Clear Channel. If they see enough demand for the channel to be brought back or for elements of Nashville to be integrated into WSIX or one of the other channels they control on XM’s platform.

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  1. Jesse Rice says

    ok and why the hell are ya’ll doing this? If I want to listen to FM programming, I’ll just turn the damn radio on in my car to FM… I PAY for XM to hear different stuff…and XM 11/57 is what I want. As someone who knows how influential this station can be to a career (case in point, Jason Aldean was listening to XM11, heard a song, and decided to record it for his next record) I think it is a severe disservice to eliminate that programming!

    1. Jane says

      I don’t care about listening to talk shows and ads in the morning on my commute…I want music, the music that I pay a premium for. Now, I’m paying for stations that are broadcast FREE. If I had wanted to listen to FM radio, I would never have subscribed to XM. Now, to make the situation worse, apparently if I had a Sirius receiver I could still get my channels. This is a bad move XM radio…you are alienating your loyal subscribers.

  2. Max Moore says

    This is the WORST decision EVER!!! Nashville 57 is the best station on XM and the only reason i have it! BRING IT BACK!!!!

  3. Carrie says

    We don’t want to listen to The Big 98 we want to listen to Nashville 57.

  4. Walter Johnson says

    You are making a big mistake taking the Nashville channel off of 57. It was not only the best Damn country station period it was the best station period.

  5. Kim Sudduth says

    Why, why, why would you take away Nashville 57?? That station is THE best country station on XM. There HAS to be another station you can remove and bring Nashville 57 back. PLEASE bring them back!! You would make alot of us reallly happy and keep from losing alot of XM subscribers. Thanks!!

  6. XM Subscriber says

    XM lost some value as a service when they dropped Fine Tuning, Beyond Jazz and Fred. This is another drop in their value as a service. I am not sure the service is worth what I pay for it any more.

  7. irkedinva says

    if I wanted to listen to fm radio I wouldn’t have satellite. I liked music summit and I’m annoyed that it’s been replaced with fm lite garbage

  8. Brian says

    Does anybody know how long this will last!!! Cause I Love XM 57 and now its gone…

  9. Steven T. Smith says

    This is completely ridiculous, why can’t the Mix and Summit as well as Kiss be retained while stupid simulcasts which no one likes be on stations no one listens to examples: All those NHL stations that the season is now over on? Or just add three stations perhaps? Or you could always drop Fox News, but BRING BACK: Mix, Kiss and Summit nerds!

  10. Keeley G says

    I totally agree, why am i paying for FM radio stations! I loved Nashville 57 and was one of the 5 stations i listen to. nashville 57 was my most favorite! :/ if the stations arent brought back I will be no longer have XM radio in my car

  11. julie says

    i cancelled my service over this, joined facebook (which i swore i would never do) to belong to the “bring back nashville 57 to siriusxm radio” club, ive signed an online petition, emailed and called both clear channel and xm over my disappointment of their poor decision to cancel this channel. why would they do that and not offer another channel that plays the same musical content?

  12. Vanessa Kennedy says

    The main reason we signed up with xm is Music Summit. BIG mistake!!

  13. Mike Bowers says

    Bring back Nashville57 to XM radio. If I wanted to listen to an fm country station I would go listen to my local fm station, but I enjoy listening to new country artists which the local stations won’t play.

  14. Amanda scott says

    What a horrible decision xm has made. The whole reason I had xm was for the Nashville channel. If I wanted pop country I would listen to the highway channel, the prime country channel or just the radio that I can get for free. This channel absolutely sucks!!! Why do I have to pay for a radio station??? I hope this isn’t a permanent move. There has to be a way to bring back the old channel 11/57. I spent 2 hrs on the phone talking to “Peggy” to get my channel 57 that I used to have before the switch, finally got it, after having to pay even more a month & now this crap!! What poor all around service xm has!

  15. Walter Johnson says

    Amanda, how did you get it by paying more?

  16. Jon D says

    Bring back Nashville 57!! This new station is identical to The Highway. Why would you even consider such a format change? Before you had unique alternative country as well as up and coming artists that couldn’t be heard anywhere else. Now we have yet more mainstream crap I can hear for free. a BIG THUMBS DOWN to Clear Channel for this poor decision!!

  17. Malinda says

    I can’t believe I am listening to a NY station rather than the Mix. I could get online and listen to NY 100 if I wanted to and not pay for it. Bad move XM!!!

  18. John Babcock says

    Weak move. Nashville and The Music Summit were two of my four XM presets. It sort of cuts the value of the service in half for me.

  19. julie says

    join the revolution on facebook, join the Bring Back Nashville57 to SiriusXM Radio! group now

  20. Dave says

    A shame, canceling due to this poor decision. If it returns I will resubscribe until then very disappointed, goodbye.

  21. Amanda scott says

    Walter, my husband owns a car dealership, so we sort of, in a way, sell xm radio to customers. We are always assuring them when they trade in a car that has xm they can continue to have it in their new car with out any problems. Was I ever wrong!! I had a leased vehicle with xm, then traded it in to have a demo car. When we switched from one car to the other, not changing packages just transfered the xm service that we had to the car I currently drive we no longer had channel 57 that we had on the other car. So when I called about it, I got “Peggy” who didn’t understand what I was saying & ended up hanging up on me. So I called back got another “Peggy” & was told for a much larger fee ($106) I could get that package that I used to have in my other car that was only $15 a month. I spent close to an hour of telling her I had it in my other car why did it change? Also telling her that my husband owns a car dealership that encourages & sells their product. No kick backs on it, just because we like xm. Well used to. My husband called back, spent another hour on the phone & found out they changed the package on us with out clearing it with us first. They negotiated & for a few more dollars a month I got back the package I once had a few hours before. So that’s why I’m double ticked at xm, for spending two hours on the phone, for making me pay more a month for what I once had, then a week later taking away my channel 57!! What inconsiderate jerks!! My husband no longer encourages xm to any customers. Why should he? Why pay for xm to hear the same pop country crap that you can hear on the radio for free?

  22. Ryan Matson says

    The whole idea of satellite radio (at least at the beginning) was to provide enuf nich stations that there was something for everyone. You trashed the Nashville channel and if you don’t bring it back I’m trashing you XM!!!

  23. Darryl says

    I really enjoyed the Nashville 11/57 and like some of the other folks here, it was the reason I subscribed. I don’t need or want WSIX, which I’m sure is a fine FREE station out of Nashville. I don’t need to hear the Nashville weather and traffic reports. I have a button next to what was Nashville 57 that goes to WYCD which is my local FM country stations where I can get MY weather and traffic reports. Quite frankly I am also offended that I’m paying for free content, the point of paying for the XM service was to get away from the commercial over the airwaves content.

  24. Shawn says

    My email to Clear Channel (I hope everyone emails them!):

    “Channel 57 “Nashivlle” gone?”

    Good afternoon,

    I’m inquiring to find out what happened to the broadcast of XM’s “Nashville” radio. In it’s place, it appears that a local radio station, WSIX has replaced the station in simulcast. If this is a permanent change, I would like to file a complaint to Clear Channel.

    “Nashville” was a great of the very few country stations on XM Radio. Sure, WSIX plays country music in it’s place, but it surely doesn’t fill “Nashville”‘s shoes.

    Further, listening to WSIX is no different than any FM radio station I could listen to. I don’t pay for my XM Radio subscription to have to sit through multiple ads and traffic reports between the songs.

    I hope other avid listeners to “Nashville” are expressing the same dissatisfaction to lead to the comeback of the stellar country station.


    1. Bill says


      If you haven’t already joined, go to the “Bring Back Nashville57 support page on FB, . Join in and sign the petitition also.

  25. Shelley says

    I don’t understand why these changes would be made. Free FM radio is free. We pay for XM radio. We pay to not have commercials. We pay to not have traffic and weather and chit chat. To re-broadcast these free FM stations to paying customers is just wrong. I personally really liked Music Summit. It seems from the other comments a lot of people really liked the Nashville station. Regardless of which one you miss, we are all now PAYING for free stations. Shame on XM.

  26. Sandi says

    I am so disappointed that Music Summit is gone. I agree with the other comments….if I want “regular” radio, then I will listen to the free dime a dozen stations available. Very stupid decision!

  27. Smackydoodle says

    I honestly believe that large corporations are run by executives who would be lucky to get through the most basic common sense test that an 8 year old would ace.

    Mark my words, fellow subscribers, more and more of our stations will cease to exist and more and more FM stations will be added… all the while our bills will begin to increase in the near future.

    1. Lance Venta says

      As I’ve stated multiple times, the agreement between XM and Clear Channel dates back to the launch of XM in 2001. Clear Channel programs 6 music channels, which SiriusXM buries in the more music category because it doesn’t want them paired with their own music channels. They cannot add more terrestrial simulcasts.

      While SiriusXM will most likely raise rates as soon as it legally can, it will not be because of these Clear Channel simulcasts.

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