1550 KYCY San Francisco To Flip

1550 KYCY San Francisco Opie and Anthony O and A Adam Carolla Tom Leykis Oakland Athletics A“™s Baseball

CBS’ 1550 KYCY San Francisco will flip to Business News in the coming weeks. KYCY had been airing Podcasts as “KYOU Radio” until it picked up the syndicated programs aired by sister 106.9 KIFR in its “Free-FM” form. Adam Carolla was dropped at the beginning of the month, while Opie & Anthony won’t be renewed when their contract expires in March. KYCY is now airing the morning newscast of sister KPIX-TV from 5 to 7am and syndicated money talker Rob Black from 7 to 9am. KYCY will continue as the flagship station of Oakland A’s baseball. More from Brad Kava.

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