CD 101.9 New York Becomes AAA 101-9 RXP

CD101.9 WQCD New York Smooth Jazz 101.9 RXP New York Rock Experience

Emmis Smooth Jazz “CD 101.9” WQCD New York has flipped to AAA as “101-9 RXP: The New York Rock Experience” at 4pm today.

WQCD PD Blake Lawrence stays on as PD for WRXP, while Brian Schlock has joined on as MD/Afternoons. The station has already received FCC approval for the WRXP call letters.

The station debuted with The Velvet Underground “Rock and Roll” and R.E.M “Supernatural Superserious”. The station’s website details the significance of those two songs as well as the music log for the first hour.

From CD 101.9’s website:

Due to a declining audience for Smooth Jazz over the past few years, we are sad to announce that Smooth Jazz will no longer be available on the 101.9 signal. On February 5th we launched an innovative new adult rock format on the 101.9 frequency called 101.9 RXP The New York Rock Experience. 101.9 RXP is a respectful and intelligent mix of new music, classic rock and alternative – we invite you to try it. If you are solely a Smooth Jazz lover, “Smooth Jazz CD101.9” will continue to exist on our HD2 channel

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  1. slimty says

    This is a sad day. Cd101.9 was a awesome station

  2. AudioGuy says

    This is sad. You can’t tell me that they were that disappointed with their 2.7 fall rating. It seems like this may have been a double $ whammy – open up their advertising base, and make all of us smooth jazz fans buy HD radios!!!

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