Country Legends Says Goodbye In Salt Lake

Citadel Broadcasting has sold “Country Legends 107.5” KKAT-FM Salt Lake City to EMF Broadcasting for an undisclosed amount. EMF has taken over operations of the station immediately, flipping the station at 12pm today from Classic Country to Contemporary Christian as part of EMF’s “K-Love” network.

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  1. autumngirl65 says

    I think this decision absolutely stinks! Country legends was the best radio station out there! When I turned on the radio in my car today for the drive home, I thought, “what the heck? What’s this religious crap that’s playing on 107.5?” I thought somehow my radio was picking up a different station by mistake, so I checked it out on the web when I got home, and found out country legends was no more. I’m very disappointed in this decision to take this classic older style country off the air. Sounds like you have a bunch of teeny boppers making the decisions, who probably think it was too old fogey and not cool enough! Well lots of people liked it and I bet a lot more people than me will be mad when they find out.

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