Score Out In Providence

630 WPRO Providence 99.7 WSKO The ScoreTrue Oldies 790 WSKO Providence The Score

A double format flip in Providence as Citadel blows up Sports talk simulcast “790/99.7 The Score” WSKO. 99.7 will flip to a simulcast of sister News/Talk 630 WPRO on Tuesday 3/11, while 790 will retain Imus in The Morning, but join its sisters in Washington and Atlanta by flipping to True Oldies on Monday, March 18. For the rest of this week, 790 will air ESPN Radio programming.

What should be interesting is how ratings for 630/99.7 WPRO and sister CHR 92 Pro-FM WPRO-FM are calculated. Will the News/Talker lose ratings if a listener writes down WPRO-FM in their diary?

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