Q101 And WRXP Say Goodbye

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Merlin Media assumed control of “Q101” WKQX, 97.9 WLUP Chicago, and 101.9 WRXP New York at 12:00am.

WRXP ended its local music programming at 10:00pm with the Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” before segueing into the syndicated Loveline. The station has been running automated music and sweepers since 11:52pm.

Q101 was supposed to sign off its local programming at 12am, but kept going for an extra hour with its “Local 101” local music show before ending with Smashing Pumpkins “Tonight, Tonight” and The Cure “Friday I’m In Love”. The latter of which was also the first song on Q101 when it debuted its Modern Rock format in 1992. It too is continuing on automated for now. Listen to the end of Q101 at FormatChange.com

Time Out Chicago’s Robert Feder reports the stations will continue in their automated forms until Monday, when Merlin Media will begin stunting in preparation of its launch.

Q101 will continue online as a webcaster as Emmis has sold the remaining intellectual property of the station to Broadcast Barter Radio Networks. ChicagolandRadioandMedia.com reports the webcaster will include archived material from Q101’s history in addition to keeping the current format and brand alive.

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  1. Alex says

    Just..sad. Why does Chicago need two all-news stations? I know New York does (and their owned by the same company), but the 312 (and suburbs) don’t need two. Q101-I’m gonna tune in online!

  2. patrick says

    THE END OF AN ERA! Q101 was instrumental in my love for music growing up and help shape the person I was to become later in life. I think it is a travesty that future generations will get stuck with what media companies are willing to push out. Q101FOREVER

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