Merlin Media Call Letter Changes

101.1 FM New 101.9 1011FMNew 1019FMNew 101 Merlin Media WWWN Chicago WEMP New York WKQX WRXP

Merlin Media has changed the calls of its two stunting properties.

101.9 New York sheds the WRXP call letters for WEMP. The WEMP calls were used at 1250 in Milwaukee until 2004.

101.1 Chicago becomes WWWN. The WKQX have been transferred to Radioactive LLC’s silent 95.9 in Watseka, IL. Radioactive LLC just happens to be run by Randy Michaels.

The final Legal ID’s of WKQX and WRXP and the first ID’s of WWWN and WEMP are archived at

Both stations now have Facebook presences as well. 101.1 WWWN here and 101.9 WEMP here. Twitter accounts for 101.1 and 101.9 are created, but both protected as of now.

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