Radio-One LMA’s WGPR, Shuffles Detroit Formats

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Update 10/31: As expected, “Praise 102.7” debuted this morning. The station is operating with new WPZR calls already in place.

Update 10/26: After two days of looping Boys II Men, WGPR took over the programming of “Hot 102.7” WHTD as “Hot 107.5” at 5:00pm today.

Listen to the launch of Hot 107.5 and the end of WGPR at

The new “Praise 102.7” Gospel format at 102.7 is scheduled to debut on Monday, October 31.

Update 10/24: At midnight, Radio-One assumed operations of WGPR. The station is currently looping Boys II Men’s “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” while telling listeners to move to Radio-One’s “Kiss 105.9” WDMK.

Hot 102.7” WHTD has begun promoting its move to 107.5 will take place Wednesday at 5:00pm.

Original Report 10/21: Radio-One announced today that it will be assuming operating responsibility of Urban AC 107.5 WGPR Detroit from WGPR, Inc. via LMA effective immediately.

On Monday at 12am, the programming of Urban “Hot 102.7” WHTD will move to the stronger 107.5 signal. The 102.7 signal will flip to Gospel as “Praise 102.7” on 10/31. No word on the fate of WGPR’s staff, although Radio-One tells The Detroit News it would like to explore other options with morning host John Mason should he express interest.

Instant Insight: The demise of WGPR’s Urban AC format will help Radio-One’s “105.9 Kiss-FM” WDMK as it removes one of its two in-format competitors.

Both 102.7 and 107.5 are 50kW class B’s, but 102.7 is located 15 miles northeast of Detroit and faces interference from “W4 Country” 102.9 WWWW in Ann Arbor in the southwestern portions of the Detroit metro.

Radio-One also operates Urban Talk 1200 WCHB, which began simulcasting on an FM translator at 99.9 earlier this week.

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  1. Tituba Africa says

    This sucks. Mainstream R&B radio is already bad, mediocre at best. At least we had an option to hear some R&B Oldies (good stuff) on WGPR. Oh well, gonna be changing the settings on my car stereo. Removing 107.5 from line-up right now. I really looked forward to Mason in the morning on my drive to work and the smooth jazz on the way home from work. Thank God for Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey and my MP3 player. That’s where I’ll be in morning.

  2. brenn tate says

    I am so tired of everything leaving Detroit. now WGPR station Detroit looked forward to. Mason was the man..Bring Mason and WGPR back this is history.

  3. Gayelynn Mckinney says

    As if we don’t have enough top 40 stations. WGPR has been around for a long time offering old school and jazz for many years. Not to mention they supported Detroit artist. I’m very disappointed that this happend. I’m glad there is internet radio and HD radio, that’s what I will be listening to.

  4. sdssan5 says

    A travesty took place today in Detroit radio; shame on whoever allowed the change in format to hip hop and the loss of DETROIT talents Sylvia Simone, Mike Allen, Cliff Coleman, Tony Rankin and of course the timeless John Mason. I will miss Angie Starr and Girl Talk Tuesday, the Art of Politics on Wednesdays and Friday’s featured lunchtime artist. GPR played music that no one did or does, Leela James, India Arie, Dwele, a perfect mix of old and new that was appropriate and soothing for the workplace. And they always debuted new music first, first station to play Marcia Ambrious, just debuted Robin Thicke’s new song as well as Mary J’s. I will go out of my way to NOT listen to or support any Radio One station, including 105.9 of which I only listened occasionally in the evening anyway (don’t want to listen to syndicated djs with no vested interest in our area).

  5. Octobermom says

    I agree w/ the rest of the posters. This is NOT a good move. All major cities have a LOCAL station to support, if nothing else, the city’s talent. Who ever made this decision made a colossal blunder. Just wrong on all levels. We only have syndicated stations now with NO local DJ’s. Where’s the petition to boycott this move?

    1. Lance Venta says

      These days not many cities have what you call a LOCAL station, if you mean locally owned and operated.

      WGPR has been struggling for years, if not decades from a ratings and revenue perspective. The Masonic order that operates the station sold off their TV station in the mid-90’s that probably helped keep the radio station afloat for a few years. They have rebuffed offers to sell the station for years. I’m sure this is the last thing they intended to do, but did not have a choice financially.

  6. trulee blest says

    I cannot believe this is happening. WGPR not only has history its an iconic Detroit radio station. Its what my radio at work stayed on. Saturdays I got a chance to hear all the songs I grew up loving and still do. No one plays the music WGPR does. I feel I have lost a family member. It will never be the same. I wish I had recorded the music played. Most of those songs will not be heard again not as much anyway. Ironically, I spoke with the DJ Saturday telling her how much I loved what she was doing. Before signing off she said it was her last night. Unbeknownst to me, the station would be over almost 24 hours later. God bless the staff. They will be sorely missed and I pray doors will open for them all.

  7. Pee Wee says

    I can’t believe that this has happened. I have been listening to WGPR since the early ’70’s . They have reformatted their marketing name many of times{“The New 107.5”; “G-107.5”; etc.} but always stuck with their R&B format and that in itself was Golden. I absolutely loved listening to Dallas Keith at night as much as I enjoyed listening to “The Electrifying Mojo” during the 1970’s. They were the only station to play their respective continuous styles of music during those assigned play times (and they frequently played the “LP” versions). Although having previously heard of the group “Incognito”, it was because of the Station playing “Nights Over Egypt” was the reason for me purchasing as many of their past albums as well as all of their new releases since then, without listening to one track prior to purchasing any of the albums. That same statement can be said for the group “Parliament”. No other commercial station in the area had that luxury, as others all submitted to the boring , nationally syndicated top 40 driven, type formats.
    Although change is always inedible, I never believed that this could happen in my lifetime. (Well, maybe that’s going a little overboard, but You get my drift.)
    To all of the great D.J.s at the Station, thank you for playing music from albums that WERE NOT the ones that made the top 40 playlist. The music was never repetitive and always refreshing. I doubt that the new format will be anything like that.
    I have discovered 3 exciting radio stations on Sirrus XM Satellite Radio that should help with the wounds: “Soul Town”; “The Groove”; and “Studio 54 Radio.” If you have the means, then trust me, they all will offer to you the listener what I believe, a better alternative.

  8. TZONE6 says

    Really WGPR? You are going to just play Boys to Men’s “it’s so Hard to say Goodbye” in a 24/7 loop? What are going for? a record? (no pun intended). I will definitely miss Mason in the morning. At least with his show you able to receive a good history lesson about Detroit as well as old school Detroit artists or just the origin of many artists from back in the day. he probably didnt have a say so on the process…so Good luck to you Mason and Crew!

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