Lazer Completes Move Into San Jose

Radio Lazer 93.7 KXZM San Jose 93.5 93.1 KXSM SalinasLazer Broadcasting has completed signal upgrades at two of the stations in its Regional Mexican “Radio Lazer” network in California.

93.5 KXSM Hollister, CA slides to 93.1 where it will operate with 480 watts at 2110 feet along with a pending on-channel booster in Salinas with an additional 120 watts at 1210 feet.

That move allows 93.7 KXZM Felton to move closer to San Jose where it will cover the South Bay with 410 watts from 2264 feet from a location about 12 miles due south of San Jose.

Radio Lazer 93.7 will join a competitive Regional Mexican marketplace in the South Bay that already includes Duharte Broadcasting’s “La Kaliente 1370” KZSF, Univision’s “Estereo Sol” 98.9 KSOL San Francisco/99.1 KSQL Santa Cruz, and SBS’ “La Raza 93.3” KRZZ San Francisco.

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