970 WWDJ New York to go Talk

After 34 years as a Christian station, Salem Communications will flip 970 WWDJ Hackensack, NJ to Talk as “970 The Apple”. On July 25, the WWDJ call letters were swapped with sister 1150 WTTT Boston. The WTTT calls in New York will be short-lived, as Salem requested WNYM, which can also be seen in the station logo above. As a historical aside, WNYM were the calls of Salem’s first New York outlet on 1330 until the purchase of 570 WMCA in 1989.

970theapple.com and am970theapple.com were both registered on June 13. While the domains are not active, the site for the future format can be found at http://am970theapple.townhall.com.

A look at the schedule listed on the website includes Fox News Radio’s John Gibson from 5 to 8am, The Wall Street Journal Report from 10am to 11am, Bill Bennett from 11am to 2pm, Mike Gallagher from 2pm to 5pm, Dennis Prager from 5pm to 8pm, Michael Medved from 8pm to 11pm, Hugh Hewitt from 11pm to 2am, and Dr. Laura Schlessinger from 2am to 5am. Jim Bohannon is listed without a timeslot, while no program is listed from 8am to 10am. Bennett, Gallagher, Prager, Medved, and Hewitt are all syndicated by Salem.

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