Mark Thompson & Brian Phelps Retire From KLOS

95.5 KLOS Los Angeles Mark Thompson Brian Phelps Mark & BrianUpdate 8/17: During what was supposed to be just the final show for Mark Thompson, Brian Phelps announced that he too would be leaving 95.5 KLOS. Phelps had been in negotiations with Cumulus for a new contract, but broke those off earlier this week. Today’s program ended up being the farewell for both.

Both Phelps and Thompson will be launching their own podcasts in the coming weeks. Thompson will be hosting one with his wife Linda on Phelps and actress/comedienne Jill Whelan will host at after Phelps takes some time off the recharge. Whelan had been in negotiations with Cumulus to take Thompson’s place in mornings on 95.5.

Update 8:45pm: Gary Lycan reports that the entire support staff of the Mark & Brian show were dismissed following today’s show.

KLOS will air best of Mark & Brian in mornings through Labor Day weekend. What happens after that remains to be seen. We had reported in April that Cumulus may be planning to shift KLOS to All News.

Audio of Brian’s announcement this morning can be heard on the station’s site. The majority of the final show can be heard at

Original Report 6/13: Long time 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles morning co-host Mark Thompson has announced via that he will be retiring from the “Mark & Brian Show” on August 17.

Thompson and Brian Phelps joined KLOS in 1987 following a run at “I-95” WAPI-FM Birmingham and aired in syndication up until a few years ago. The pair’s “Adventures of Mark & Brian” ran on Sunday evenings on NBC in 1991 in an attempt to replicate the duo’s morning show pranks & bits for television.

Thompson will be moving with his wife to North Carolina. The pair’s contract was close to expiring however Phelps has indicate he would like to continue with the program.

The Orange County Register has excerpts from Thompson’s statement.

  1. says

    Mark and Brian….The end of an era for sure..I’m one of millions that will miss them for sure…it’s been fun Mark and Brian..Thanks for the laughs and the good times…Best wishes..Bill

  2. likedaughterlikemother says

    I was pretty shocked to turn on the radio and hear Heidi and Frank in place of Brian. I thought he was going to have a chance with some new partners. I wonder how Mark feels, knowing that Brian as well as their entire staff are out.. KLOS, disappointing to hear this, as much as I’ve enjoyed Heidi,Frosty and Frank in the past, and to know from years past how fast radio shows end, without a whimper.

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