Delaware 105.9 To Launch September 4

Delaware 105.9 WXDE Cat Country 97.5 WKTT WZKT Lewes Dan Gaffney Jared Morris
Update 8/21:Delaware 105.9” has set its programming lineup for its launch.

530-10am: Dan Gaffney
10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm: Susan Monday
12pm-1pm: Delaware News Hour w/Alan Loudell (Simulcast from 1150 WDEL Wilmington)
3pm-7pm: Jared Morris
7pm-10pm: Dave Ramsey
Mark Foswer will serve as News Director and anchor morning newscasts.

More information about the station has been released on its Facebook page.

Update 7/26: Delmarva has applied for the WXDE calls to use with the new format.

Original Report 7/25: Delmarva Broadcasting’s “Cat Country 97.5 & 105.9” will break its simulcast on September 4.

The Country format will remain on 97.5 WKTT Salisbury MD while 105.9 WZKT Lewes DE will flip to a locally originated Talk format as “Delaware 105.9“. Dan Gaffney, who just departed the PD/Morning Host slot at Resort Broadcasting’s 92.7 WGMD Rehoboth Beach has announced on Twitter that he will be part of the new station. was registered for use by the station earlier today.

Despite the statewide moniker the coverage area of “Delaware 105.9” merely serves the southern third of the state of Delaware. Sister 1150 WDEL Wilmington serves much of the northern half of the state.

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  1. MattParker says

    Local-live talk is an expensive format and the Delaware shore is not going to generate a lot of ad revenue. OK, they hired a local guy but how much you want to bet the station is at least mostly simulcast with WDEL? Maybe Gaffney will do a downstate morning show with the rest of the day simulcast or … maybe he takes over PM drive on both stations and “Fatso” is history. The “Delaware” branding suggests statewide talk is being planned. Clear Channel has already shown you can get away with simulcasting two Delaware talkers.

  2. Aaron says

    This will be the 3rd Delmarva-owned Talk station in the Salisbury/OC market, but the first one with a local host. 92.5 and 1320 run separate all-syndicated lineups.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Very little signal overlap between the three. I would not be surprised as Matt mentioned that there be some shared content between 1150 WDEL, the WICO pair and 105.9.

  3. MattParker says

    This board beat the other board with this item. Congrats.

    Simulcasting seems inevitable. The question is how much and who is left without a place to sit when the music stops.

    Did Gaffney jump ship with this already in the works? Was a statewide show part of the deal?

    It’s curious that Delmarva is launching a downstate talker at the same time a downstate public radio station launches. Will this move prompt the U of D to make WVUD part of a statewide public radio network? The university is already “partnering” in their news service.

  4. MattParker says

    It’s funny. The downstate Delmarva GM told the local paper that 105.9 is going to be local-live (because it worked well on WDEL) and they are making plans. Except for Gaffney, nothing specific. Also I can’t find any job postings that look like they might come from this station. What’s “local” in their book? Anywhere in Delaware?
    The GM also claims some of Gaffney’s old advertisers are starting to come over. It’s doubtful two right-wing, “local” talkers can survive in a small, unrated market. WGMD loses Gaffney but they still have Rush.
    It’s also curious they made this announcement so far in advance. Giving the country fans plenty of time to get up in arms? Giving WGMD plenty of time to respond?

  5. Kfo says

    PM Drive host of GMD just left as well…coincidence? Perhaps not. Best way to not have competition? Kneecap your rival so they don’t get up.

  6. MattParker says

    They say on Facebook: “News on the new station? Yes! It’ll be like having a CBS news app in your dashboard.”
    Gee, I already have a CBS News app. It’s called For Android or iOS. Terrestrial radio hits bottom when they say how they are really like a smartphone app.
    Anybody know anything about “Susan” doing late mornings?
    Apparently, Fowser has given up his gigs with WHYY and Metro/Shadow.

  7. johndavis says

    I believe that’s Susan Monday, formerly with Wall Street Journal Radio Network, KYW, WPHT, WDEL.

    1. Lance Venta says

      I have confirmed that. Post updated accordingly.

  8. Tom says

    Update 8/21: yeah… look at all that simulcasting. Whoops – sorry Matt Parker. You’re wrong. Go figure.

  9. MattParker says

    @Tom: My mistake was expecting Delmarva to make a sound business decision. There is no way a small, over-served non-market can make a profit with that kind of payroll, especially with two talk stations competing for the same audience and advertisers. If Delmarva had followed the example of NJ101.5, they might have had a shot… And the only thing they simulcast is Loudell??? That’s like the last episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show where everybody gets fired except Ted.

  10. Steven says

    On their Facebook, they have confirmed that late nights will be “Overnight America” with Jon Grayson.

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