“G-Rock” 106.3/106.5 Monmouth/Ocean Goes CHR

GRock G-Rock 106.3 WHTG 106.5 WBBO Hit 106 WHTG WBBO Monmouth Ocean

After 24 years as a Modern Rocker, Press Communications has flipped 106.3 WHTG-FM Eatontown, NJ and simulcast partner 106.5 WBBO Bass River Township, NJ to CHR as “Hit 106”. The station is using the satellite-fed “Hits Now!” format from Dial Global Networks.

For many years, WHTG as “FM 106.3” was considered one of the most influential Alternative stations in the nation under then-PD Matt Pinfield. The station was sold to Press Communications in 2000 and relaunched as “G106.3” and later “G-Rock Radio”.

  1. k8ie510 says

    That is the MOST disturbing news I’ve heard in a while!! Bring GRock back, dammit! Seriously. NOT a good move, at all!! Sign the petition to bring GRock back here:

  2. Person0la0 says

    I LOVED G Rock this new stuff is aweful guess its back to my CDs till i find a better station

  3. p458nb says

    This new station sucks big time!!!!!!!!!

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