610 WIP Philadelphia to move to FM?

94 WYSP 94.1 YSP 610 WIP Sports Philadelphia Danny Bonnaduce Angelo Cataldi

Update 12:00pm: Always follow your guts when it comes to “major announcements”. WIP’s today was that morning co-host Rhea Hughes is pregnant. That’s not to say a move to FM isn’t out of the question, as it makes perfect sen$e for CBS to do. It just wasn’t announced this morning.

Inside Music Media’s Jerry Del Colliano tweeted earlier this evening about rumors abounding in Philadelphia over the impending move of CBS Sports 610 WIP to the 94.1 frequency of Rocker WYSP. We normally don’t report on unsubstantiated rumors without some sort of facts to back them up, but Jerry is as credible as a source as possible.

We have no domain proof right now, but WIP is planning an announcement of some sort at 7:00am Friday. Format flip or promotion?

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  1. oasisrulz says

    What happens to WIP, Standards move 1340 to 610, Classic Oldies, Contemporary, hope not anything sports or talk oriented…

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