Michael Savage Joins Cumulus

Michael Savage Nation Cumulus Media Networks TRNCumulus Media Networks has announced that Michael Savage will relaunch his syndicated program beginning Tuesday, October 23.

The new program will air live from 9pm to 12am eastern. Savage had departed Talk Radio Network at the end of September after winning a lawsuit against the company.

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  1. Savage pushed back to late evening in favor of Levin? Sort of strange. Number three makes way for tied for number four. If Cumulus fed the show at 6pm they probably could have kept most of the stations that took the show from TRN. Besides, given the average of the talk radio audience, not many of them are still going to be up at that later hour.

  2. The spot in which Cumulus is feeding Dr. Weiner is already occupied by John Batchelor. Is he out?

    • John Batchelor’s show is basically a seven-night-a-week deal, so it’s safe to say John will stay on the weekends (which are IIRC ‘best-ofs’ but could become live again).

  3. Since Mark Levin and Michael Savage are going to be distributed by the same company will Mark Levin quit taking cheep shots at Savage?

    • I think that will be the case, as they won’t be scheduled directly against each other. Although I will kinda miss hearing Levin refer to “The Weiner Nation.” :p

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