KFUO St. Louis Sale Approved

Update 7/8/10: 99.1 has relaunched with the “Joy-FM” Contemporary Christian programming under new KLJY calls. Listen to the sign-off of KFUO and debut of 99.1 Joy-FM at FormatChange.com.

Update 6/2/10: Gateway Creative Broadcasting announced today that they will move their programming to 99.1 on July 7 at 7:00am. KFUO’s classical programming will cease the previous evening.

Original Report 5/6/10: The FCC has approved the sale “Classic 99” KFUO St. Louis to Gateway Creative Broadcasting. The semi-controversial sale of the station from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod will lead to the demise of the Classical music format in St. Louis as the station will flip to Contemporary Christian “Joy-FM” once the sale closes in a few weeks. Joy-FM currently broadcasts on St. Louis rimshot 97.7 KHZR Potosi, MO and 94.1 KPVR Bowling Green, MO, however those signals are likely to be put up for sale.

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  1. DANNIGIRL says

    The sale of KFUO – Classic 99 IS a monumental mistake. This radio station and it’s genre is classified by many, not only in the St. Louis area, but now around the world, as the cornerstone of classical music and THE premier classical station to listen to. The radio personalities are
    very well versed and informed in all the Great Classical Masters of past; from Palestrina, to Wagner, to Handel, to Stravinsky and Rachmaninoff, to only mention a few. These Classic 99 personalities share their expertise
    with us,the public,who thoroughly enjoy this type of entertainment. KFUO-Classic 99 is over 60 yeas old in St. Louis, which would classify it as a historical landmark to the St. Louis area by my estimation. This sale has taken away the one thing many older generations, and thank goodness to KFUO – Classic 99 and its excellent radio announcers, many younger generations have learned to appreciate, classical music, presented at its best,not to mention the live performances by the world famous St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. KFUO is a cultural icon. I,myself,have grown up with this radio station. I am 61 years old and have this station on day and night continuously. I’m sure many, many others feel the same way. There are enough contemporary Christian music stations for those who prefer that genre to listen to. The sale of KFUO-Classic 99 IS leaving many people greatly disappointed. Because of the world wide web, KFUO is now a favorite in Canada, all of the U.S.A., and across the oceans to the European shores. What does that say to those of you who sold this great station? There will be nothing comparable to take its place. My question is “Why would such a popular radio station with its cultural genre that spans the world, be picked off to be sold and the music changed???” This is not logical. Unfortunately….it’s all about the MONEY. St. Louis is losing a historic icon and many radio personalities we have considered friends over the years. To those of you owners of LCMS who CARE NOT about what the consumers want; and only CARE ABOUT the almighty $$$…remember, what goes around comes around. It might take awhile but it does happen.

  2. hossisboss says

    You have got to be kidding? An historic icon? It is not about the money!! It wasn’t popular, and could not be suppported!! Poll 100 people, randomly(look in dictionary for the definition of random, and then look up icon), and see how many of those polled know either the call letters – if given the radio dial location, or if given the call letters, ask if they know the AM or FM location? Oh, and then asked what kind of music WAS played on that station? I’ll bet Grandma, Junior, Dad, and baby sister know more about KSHE, KTRS, or K-Tel than KFUO. And if it was so popular across the World, why didn’t the almighty dollar save it? (By the way, the Arch is an Icon. Ask if the people would allow it to be torn down for an office bldg and see what happens. All of St. Louis, and Missouri, the Midwest, the Nation, etc would be in mass to object to that….) KFUO is just a reflection of the direction of broadcast media. It doesn’t sell, it doesn’t make money. Plus, anyone can stream classical music on the net for FREE through other media sources. If this type of music is SO OVERWHELMINGLY popular, then it should not be difficult to have each fan in the World send in a dollar and buy a new station, location, and moderation. Good Luck, it is a dying consideration

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