KJOT Ditches Rock For Christmas; Something New On The Way?

Variety Rock 105.1 Christmas KJOT Boise J105 Journal Broadcast CHRJournal Broadcast Group’s “Variety Rock 105.1” KJOT Boise dropped its format for Christmas music on Monday.

If this was an AC or Classic Hits station this would be no big deal. Ditto if the company hadn’t let go of its
Operations Manager, Susan Groves on Friday just a month after hiring her. Add the station’s low 2.4 share in the Spring book and all signs point to a new format debuting after Christmas.

No domain registrations yet, but we would not be surprised to see a form of CHR to take on Peak Broadcasting’s “103.3 Kiss-FM” KSAS-FM and and Impact Radio Rhythmic CHR “Wild 101.1” KWYD.

KJOT has featured a Rock format since 1985. Until 2010 it was known as “J105” when its Classic Rock format was broadened and revamped to “Variety Rock 105.1“.

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  1. Joseph says

    Another CBS Sports Radio affiliate??

  2. Jaxon says

    I don’t think the OM leaving has anything to do with this. She’s a longtime Alt/Active programmer, so she could have stayed to do KQXR or KRVB. Also, KJOT has a PD who is still in place. Format change, probably…indicated by the OM’s exit, not so much.

  3. Jeremy Andrews says

    Looking at Journal’s cluster there, it’s probably a good clean up if anything. They seem to have their share of rock formats there.

  4. David Leavitt says

    The rock format in Boise sucks and basically a real rock station doesn’t exist. Journal is too cheap to properly pull off a CHR station. I believe if Journal pulls the trigger on a format change, it will be Country..

  5. BoiseGuy says

    I’m hoping for alternative. And not all that dark “I’m pissed off at the world” stuff the X plays. Like KTCL in Denver, or like KQLZ tried to do a few years back. At least 105.1 will have a better signal so it actually might work this time.

  6. Don Day (@DonLDay) says

    KJOT’s current PD was formerly PD of KZMG/Magic 93.1 in the market. CHR seems the safe bet but is out of pattern with the rest of what JBG programs.

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