Playlist 92.7 Sold To Air1

Playlist 92.7 Los Angeles KLST KLSI KLSN Air1 Air-1 EMF Amaturo Fountain Valley Orange CountyUpdate 12/3: EMF has announced it has agreed to purchase the 92.7 trimulcast. No terms have been disclosed. As we’ve reported below, EMF began programming the stations via LMA on December 1.

Original Report 12/1: EMF Broadcasting has begun programming Amaturo Group’s three stations in Southern California.

The stations which all circle around Los Angeles on 92.7 had aired a Variety Hits format as “Playlist 92.7” and have flipped to EMF’s Christian CHR “Air1” network.

The three stations are KLST-FM Fountain Valley which covers portions of Orange County, KLSI Thousand Oaks which covers the westermost portions of the San Fernando Valley northwest of Los Angeles, and KLSN Adelanto serving the Victor Valley.

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  1. Short term, through the Christmas season, or long term?

    I enjoyed “Playlist” and remember discovering it in its infancy less than a year ago. They played “If You Like Pina Colada’s” a few times early every morning like clockwork. Lots of Hootie and the Blowfish too. It eventually evolved and was a good fit for the lower end of my radio dial…along with 93.1 which has long been a classic.

    Air One…another voice like 95.9?

    • It’s a permanent change.

      Air 1 is a younger skewing Christian format than 95.9 The Fish.

    • Air1 is night and day from The Fish….it is far more contemporary, with more variety and much better music without all of the corny commercials and stories. We have enjoyed it for years when on the road, and have longed for something like this to be available in the OC. Wow, so happy!!

  2. This is a night and day difference from Salem’s Fish 95.9 FM. When Salem bought Mix 95.9 from Clear Channel, they formatted it the way Air One is doing it now. They changed the format, and the audience changed with it. I sensed something was about to change, and it came true. I work in Christian Talk Radio, and happened to remember someone who had worked where I work when I heard her doing the morning newscasts for Playlist 92.7 FM. My best to the crew of Playlist 92.7 FM for their dedication to the craft, and to the crew of Air One as well.

  3. Their flagship, original station KLRD (90.1) isn’t too far away in Youcapa/Inland Empire area. I’m surprised they didn’t have more stations in that area.

    KXRD (89.5) however is in Victorville and basically has the same coverage area as KLSN.

    I wonder if they have plans on either switching KXRD to K-LOVE or outright selling the frequency. It should be noted there is no K-Love station in the Victorville area.

  4. I’m not a happy camper as I enjoyed 92.7 playlist. I wonder what’s the agenda for the change? I feel victimized. Happy Holidays!

    • There is no agenda.

      The owner of the stations is selling them to a group that wishes to program them with the new format. Simple as that.

  5. I actually really enjoyed them as well, but like Air1 better. I’d love it if I could have both. But victimized, I sure don’t understand that. It was a business move, not enough listeners, you sell to a willing buyer.

  6. I began listening to 92.7 many many years ago, back when it was KNJO, a truly local live radio station. When it became the automated “Jill” and then “Playlist” station, I missed (and still do miss) the local live on-air material, but that’s the way it goes. if there are not enough listeners, a station gets sold and the format gets changed. Hopefully Air1 will be successful.

  7. KLRD does not have the signal strength for LA, the OC and the Valley or Ventura County but as for the Victor Valley one of those two stations will need to be converted to a K-LOVE which the Los Angeles area desperately needs, maybe the Fish will go up for sale and Educational Media will buy that.

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