Shamrock Announces Third New Reno Station

105.3 Martini Radio KZTI Reno Shamrock BroadcastingShamrock Broadcasting has revealed that its third Reno station will be Neo-Standards “105.3 Martini Radio” KZTI.

In a letter to listeners the company introduces the station as:

Shamrock Communications is ready to announce another station of the eventual four new FM stations coming to the market. The station: 105.3 Martini Radio! Martini will be a new station, unlike any the market has ever had before. The format will be a “Standards” format, but with a a modern twist.

105.3 Martini Radio is your ultimate lounge act. Take one part Sinatra, one part Dean Martin, one part Tony Bennett, add a splash of Michael Bublé, Adele, Norah Jones, mix them together to create the smoothest most refreshing Martini you’ve ever had. Music that’s shaken, not stirred. From Rat Pack to Brat Pack! That is what 105.3 Martini Radio will be!

105.3 Martini Radio will be on the air in the next coming days. Its website will launch in the coming weeks (at but its Facebook and Twitter pages are live now at and @MartiniRadio. Martini Radio will also eventually be streaming worldwide.

KZTI joins Alternative 104.1 KRZQ, Talk “107.3 K-News” KNEZ, and the yet to launch 106.3 KWNZ in the Shamrock Reno cluster.

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