Cumulus Flips Pair Of Rockers To Sports

Wink 107.1 WNKK Columbus 100.1 The Buzz KBBM Columbia Jefferson City Rock 100.7 KLSZ Fort Smith Jim Rome CBS Sports RadioUpdate 1/2: With the launch of CBS Sports Radio, Cumulus brings the format to a pair of former Rock stations.

Modern Rock “100.1 The Buzz” KBBM Jefferson City/Columbia, MO gave way to “Sports Radio 100.1” at midnight following fifteen minutes of silence.

In Fort Smith, AR Classic Rock “Rock 100.7” KLSZ was the victim. Following The Doors “The End”, the station gave way to “Sports Radio 100.7“.

Original Report 12/21: CBS Sports Radio has revealed a list of stations that will be airing Jim Rome when he debuts on the network on January 2.

While many of the affiliates are the CBS and Cumulus owned stations we expected to populate the affiliate list and others are former affiliates of his that will continue to run the show, there are also a handful of stations that currently program formats nowhere close to Sports Talk.

These stations are ones we are monitoring for a potential change to Sports when the network launches on January 2.

Cumulus “Rock 100.7” KLSZ Fort Smith, AR

MARC Radio Gospel 1430 WTMN Gainesville, FL

Andala Enterprises Progressive Talk “Beach Radio 1120” WNWF Destin, FL

Kathadin Communications Adult Hits “94.9 The Mountain” WSYY Millinocket, ME (WSYY Confirms that it will be sister 1240 WSYY and not 94.9)

Cumulus Modern Rock “100.1 The Buzz” KBBM Jefferson City/Columbia, MO

Vox News/Talk “960 The Zone” WEAV Plattsburgh, NY

Wilks Broadcasting Country “Wink 107.1” WNKK Columbus, OH

Stillwater Broadcasting CHR “Hot 93.7” KSPI-FM Stillwater, OK (Possibly a mistake as Rome currently airs on sister 780 KSPI)

The list also confirms expected changes at 1090 KFNQ Seattle and 1670/106.7 WTDY Madison.

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  1. Laurence Glavin says

    Many people ask me, Larry, how is it that you have the body of a Greek God (OK, they mean Bacchus, the Greek God of Wine, but still…) it’s because of all the outdoor exercise I got in northern New England. I’ve hiked to the top of many mountains up there, and also have gone whitewater rafting in Maine. Thus I have had occasion to visit Millinocket twice. “Remote” doesn’t come close to describing Millinocket. It’s not like Montana, where I’ve also been, but the little AM there is just about it for local content on the radio. The FM is way out of town on an inaccesible hill I’ve been told, but FMs from elsewhere i n Maine come in usually with the type of programming you’d expect of wide-c0verage-area FMs. The idea of WSYY-AM carrying mostly sports, and out-of-town sports probably, just mystifies me. When I’ve checked Boston’s WUFC-AM 1510, it’s almost always about college football in distant conferences. BOSTON SPORTS FANS DON’T CARE ABOUT COLLEGE FOOTBALL EXCEPT FOR MAYBE BOSTON COLLEGE AND THEY STUNK THIS YEAR. To think stuff like this is on the radio in Millinocket is incomprehensible to me.

  2. Bob Nelson says

    And the Bert and I comedy routine has someone asking “which way to Millinocket?” The answer eventually is, “You can’t get there from here.” I saw it on a map and it does seem remote; type it into radio-locator and you’ll find there’s WSYY AM and FM; one station 23 mi away and a couple 40 miles away. WSYY FM is supposedly 6 mi from downtown (the stick) and I don’t know how many sports fans would care about college sports etc. I looked it up and found the city has 4,000 people and again it’s more than a few miles to other towns…

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