Jelli 98.3 Debuts In Paducah

Jelli 98.3 WJLI K98.3 WRIK Stratemeyer Metropolis Paducah

Update 12/28: WRIK relaunched as Adult CHR “Jelli 98.3” WJLI on December 26.

The station will utilize the Jelli user controlled service from 6pm to midnight daily, with the rest of the lineup staffed locally. The rest of the new lineup features Reed & JC in mornings, Theresa Brown in middays, and Jenna McKay in the afternoon. The station previously aired John Tesh in mornings.

The full press release promoting Jelli 98.3 follows:
Stratemeyer Media launched a new format to the area on 98.3. After turning into “All Christmas 98.3” on Black Friday the station re-emerged on December 26th as Jelli 98.3, playing today’s best hit music. The station is also utilizing the Jelli platform in the evenings starting at 6pm, which allows listeners to vote for the songs that play. They can also veto songs, all via their computer or smart phone.

Jelli 98.3’s music will consist of “Today’s Best Hit Music” mixed in with favorites from the 80s and 90s, including; Matchbox 20, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Bon Jovi, Train, Taylor Swift, Adele and so on.

The full air staff will start on January 2nd with Reed & J.C. in the morning, Teresa Brown from 9a-2p, Jenna McKay during the afternoons, and nights will be listener controlled. Saturday mornings will feature “Retro 80’s Weekend” from 6a-8a, and “The Radio Reboot” from 8a-10a.

How does it work? The Jelli social music experience allows listeners to control what plays on 98.3 from the web, iPhone and Android devices. Jelli users vote for the artists and songs they want to hear, creating dynamic playlists that determine in real-time what plays. Jelli’s community interacts with each other in live chat rooms and can easily connect their accounts to Facebook to share what they’re listening to with their friends. Jelli’s cloud-based platform takes this engagement and serves programming in real-time from 6p – Midnight on Jelli 98.3.

“I think we are all very excited to debut the all new Jelli 98.3,” said new morning co-host Reed Phillips. “Social media is exploding and with this product we’ll be able to tap into a generation of radio listeners who use Facebook and smart phone apps every single day. You can’t get more interactive than actually picking the music.” 20 year Paducah radio veteran and Jelli 98.3 weatherman Dale Matthews said “This goes beyond an all request lunch hour. What we are going to do for 6 hours every day is hand over the song picking job to our listeners.”

Original Report 12/24: Stratemeyer Media AC “K98.3” WRIK-FM Metropolis, IL/Paducah, KY is counting down to a new year and a new format.

With a countdown clock on their website ticking down to midnight on New Years Day, the station which has been stunting as “All Christmas 98.3” since late November appears on its way to an Adult CHR direction utilizing the Jelli user-controlled programming service.

A site for the new “Jelli 98.3” is live on Jelli’s platform. The station applied for new WJLI call letters on December 10. The new format will place the station in direct competition with Bristol Broadcasting’s “Electric 96.9” WDDJ.

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  1. oasisrulz says

    Is this the same service “Jelli”, that my-ysp uses here in Philly on WIP HD-3, I really enjoy the Hair Metal and other tunes they play. But sometimes they play the same band 3 or 4 times in a row, which is tiresome. They say you control the music but I have mailed them several times and my song never played. Just what is Jelli, I thought they were strickly a niche service that was used on HD sides and played hard rock.

    1. Lance Venta says

      Jelli is a website/app where users can vote up or down the music to be played next on the station. Some stations use it 24/7, others for certain dayparts like nights on 94.5 WPST. It can be utilized for any format with the stations selecting the music for the listeners to vote upon.

  2. Skim says

    105.5 WREZ is also Adult CHR, making three in the market.

    I wonder if 1490 WKRO/Cairo, IL is still simulcasting 98.3 now.

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