1050 CHUM Toronto Goes All-News

1050 CHUM Toronto CP24 1050 CHUM Toronto

CTVGlobeMedia has announced that at 5:00am on Thursday, March 26, 1050 CHUM Toronto will drop Oldies to become “CP24 Radio 1050” a simulcast of local news cable network CP24.

CHUM was the first and premiere Top 40 in Toronto from its launch in 1957 until its flip to Oldies in 1986. Outside of a 16 month run as Sports “1050 The Team” in 2001 and 2002, the station has been a musical institution in Toronto for over 50 years.

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  1. flash9 says

    Just when all us boomers are ready to retire…and able to listen to more radio.
    This was a terrible sudden transition by 1050CHUM and a huge disappointment. Can’t say anything nice about the new format.
    Fortunately we have Oldies 1150 and AM740 but it won’t be the same so I hope an FM station picks up the oldies format and some of the DJ’s.

  2. keith says

    They changed formats before, didn’t last long. Why do people insist that the all news format is better. We have enough of them in the Toronto area. For some of us, CHUM was the only station to listen too. The cost you save, will be more than lost by the revenue you’ll lost from advertising. Hope it’s worth disappointing all the loyal fans of CHUM for the almighty buck. CHUM felt like home. Now, I’m homeless. Listening to CP24 is great. BUT, I don’t have a TV in my vehicle..

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