FCC Report 4/5

FCC Translator Application Construction Permit Station Modification LicenseAs the FCC prepares to clear out the frozen 2003 Translator applications and open up the LPFM filing window later this year, many existing translators are hurrying to get their upgrades into the system. The past two weeks have been filled with dozens of upgrades applications.

Starting in New York where 106.3 W292DV is trying once again to get relocated into the city. After discarding its hopes to operate in the city last year following interference claims the translator was unable to build out its CP on the Queens/Nassau county border. The translator has now applied for an STA to return to Long Island City, Queens with 4 watts to keep the license alive.

EMF Broadcasting is seeking to move 100.7 K264AF Guasti, CA into parts of Los Angeles. The translator will operate with 235 watts from the foothills north of Pasadena placing a city grade signal over the San Gabriel Valley. It would rebroadcast an HD subchannel of Clear Channel’s 98.7 KYSR.

A pair of translators are seeking upgrades in the San Diego market. Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa seeks to move 96.9 K245AI San Pasqual into San Diego proper with 250 watts via an HD subchannel of 102.1 KPRI. EMF applied to upgrade 98.5 K253AD Oceanside from 10 to 250 watts rebroadcasting a subchannel of Clear Channel’s 95.7 KSSX.

In Washington, DC, Positive Alternative Radio’s 97.7 W249BE Alexandria, VA looks to relocate its transmitter across the Potomac River into Bethesda, MD where it would operate on 97.5 with 250 watts pointed towards the Capitol via a subchannel of Radio-One’s 104.1 WPRS.

EMF applied to boost 93.5 W228CJ Detroit from 4 to 99 watts. A larger EMF app comes in suburban Cleveland where 90.9 W215BS Hinckley seeks a move to 101.7 with a boost from 9 to 250 watts. The agency has already given a CP for a Columbus upgrade of 99.3 W257CU from 10 to 43 watts.

The EMF applications continue in St. Louis where 101.5 K268BF Bellefontaine has been granted a CP to relocate to the Crestwood Tower congregation with 50 watts and a second application to raise that to 75 watts. Meanwhile it seeks to shift 93.1 W226BC Brighton, IL across the Mississippi River to the current 101.5 tower site on the north side of the city along the riverbanks.

Another market with a pair of EMF applications are Minneapolis where they go against trend by attempting to move the translators away from the city center. 92.1 W221BS Waite seeks to move from downtown St. Paul to North St. Paul with 99 watts, while 97.7 K249ED Albertville seeks to move out of the metro to Oak Grove with 210 watts.

With 96.5 KWLZ-FM still on track to relocate to 96.3, EMF’s K242AF Portland already has a CP to shift to 103.7. Now it has applied to increase the signal from 23 to 34 watts.

Wrapping up the EMF Broadcasting part of our report, 96.1 W241AI Gorgas, AL has been granted a CP to relocate into Birmingham proper with 43 watts.

Positive Alternative Radio has applied to boost 102.5 W273BB Richmond, VA from 10 to 99 watts rebroadcasting 88.1 WRIH.

In Albany, NY, WAMC applies to upgrade 93.1 W226AC Rensselaer from 80 to 250 watts from the tower site of 105.7 WQSH.

Queen Of Peace Radio’s Oldies/Brokered “1600 The Beach” WZNZ Atlantic Beach/Jacksonville will soon add an FM signal as Reach Communications has applied to relocate 102.1 W271AP to 102.3 at the Hogan Road Tower Farm. with WZNZ as the originating station.

Other Moves

Moving away from the new translator applications, Phoenix rimshot “Funny 97.3” KIKO-FM Claypool, AZ has applied to relocate to 105.1 with a slight downgrade in power from 670 watts to 430 watts at 1013 meters. The downgrade is to protect a vacant allocation in Nogales, MX and KBTK Flagstaff.

Metro Radio’s 95.9 W240B Gainesville, VA completed its displacement relocation to 106.3. The translator serves the western suburbs of Washington rebroadcasting Regional Mexican “La Ley 1460” WKDV.

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