WGST Atlanta To Return To Talk

640 WGST Atlanta 92.3 Dave Ramsey Glenn Beck ESPN DeportesUpdate 4/24: Rodney Ho of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the “ESPN Deportes” programming will shift from 640 to 92.3 W222AF displacing “Comedy 92.3” when WGST returns.

While the Talk format will return on June 3, Beck will not return to the station until July 9. Other shows included in the new WGST lineup are KTRH Houston’s Michael Berry from 6-8pm, Todd Schnitt from 8-10pm, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis from 10pm to 1am, Coast To Coast with George Noory from 1-5am, and Bloomberg’s First Word with Ken Prewitt from 5-7am.

Original Report 4/23: After dropping the format for Spanish Sports “ESPN Deportes” in late September, Clear Channel will return 640 WGST Atlanta to Talk on Monday, June 3.

The new WGST lineup will exclusively feature syndicated programming including Wall Street Journal This Morning, Glenn Beck, Andrea Tantaros, and Dave Ramsey. Beck and Ramsey currently air in the market on “News Talk 1160” WCFO.

Prior to its flip to Sports, WGST was also heard on 92.3 W222AF. The translator is now “Comedy 92.3” rebroadcasting 94.9 WUBL-HD3

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  1. JeremyAndrews says

    Seems (at least for Clear Channel) the ESPN Deportes on an HD-2 or HD-3 translator is the way to go. That’s how they are doing it in Chicago, even though there’s really no ratings there. It’s not a ratings thing I don’t think. It’s brownie points from ESPN.

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