Juan Makes Santa Fe Less Blu

Juan 102.9 Blu Blue KLBU Santa Fe Chill Hutton BroadcastingHutton Broadcasting has flipped “Blu 102.9” KLBU Pecos/Santa Fe, NM to Spanish Adult Hits “Juan 102.9“.

The station describes its new format as “a Spanish-language Adult Hits radio format with multigenerational appeal for both hombres & señoritas. JUAN plays what he likes and JUAN likes hits… ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and some 2000s.” The “Juan” format is distributed by Sparknet, just like its English cousin “Jack“.

The previous Blu format could best be described as a Rhythmic AAA playing a broad mix of Rhythmic Pop from the last 30 years under the moniker “The Beat Of Santa Fe”. The station debuted in 2003 as the first terrestrial station focusing on Chill music.

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