Baton Rouge’s ESPN Expands To Two Signals

ESPN 104.5 WNXX Baton Rouge Country Legends 104.9 WYPY Donaldsonville Guaranty BroadcastingGuaranty Broadcasting’s “ESPN 104.5” WNXX Jackson, LA will begin simulcasting on 104.9 KYPY Donaldsonville, LA on Wednesday, August 28 at 11am.

The move brings the two stations back into a simulcast for the first time since 2010 when both were Alternative Rock “104 The X“. 104.5 broke off in January 2010 to launch “ESPN 104.5“, while 104.9 gained the Classic Country “Country Legends 104.9” identity in April 2011.

104.9 KYPY serves the southern portions of the Baton Rouge market, while 104.5 WNXX covers the northern portions of the market. Neither signal puts a city grade signal in Baton Rouge itself.

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