Santa Begins Operations In Albuquerque

Santa 100.9 K265CA Albuquerque Christmas EasyThere’s still 111 days until Christmas, but we may have our first entry in the All-Christmas music microformat for 2013.

Clear Channel’s 100.9 K265CA Albuquerque is now “Santa 100.9” via 104.1 KTEG-HD2 Santa Fe. The translator recently completed its upgrade to 250 watts from Sandia Peak giving it a signal comparable to a Class A FM.

INSTANT INSIGHT: Normally we’d expect a Christmas microformat this early in the season to likely be a short-term deal, however when you add translators to what is already a market with more signals than normal we can easily see Clear Channel going for the publicity it will get by starting Christmas music before the Fall book even begins.

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  1. KP says

    What format was the signal before it was Christmas?

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