Premiere Cancels & Uncancels Randi Rhodes

Randi Rhodes Premiere Radio Networks ContractAfter canceling syndicated Liberal Talk host Randi Rhodes earlier this week, Clear Channel’s Premiere Radio Networks has reversed course and signed her to a new contract.

On Wednesday, Premiere announced that they would cease distribution of Rhodes’ program at the expiration of her contract at the end of the year. Just two days later Premiere has stated they have signed her to a one year contract extension through the end of 2014.

In a memo to affiliates, Peter Tripi SVP/Affiliate Relations for Premiere wrote:

In a happy turn of events, we are pleased to announce that Premiere Networks will continue to produce and distribute The Randi Rhodes Show. In an industry of constant change, it’s a pleasure to provide good news about a talk talent we think so highly of. We apologize for any inconvenience the previous announcement caused, but look forward to a very successful 2014 with The Randi Rhodes Show reports that on her show today, Rhodes hinted that the change may have come about from the company not “wanting to lose her perspective”. That insinuates that the move was politically mindful in that Rhodes is the only Liberal voice syndicated by Premiere.

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