Gainesville’s Party On The Move

Party 100.9 WXJZ Smooth SmoothFM 99.5 WBXY GainesvilleJVC Broadcasting Dance CHR “Party 99.5” WBXY LaCrosse/Gainesville, FL will relocate to 100.9 on December 26.

The move will replace Smooth Jazz “100.9 Smooth-FM” WXJZ Gainesville on the 100.9 frequency. WXJZ has been airing non-stop Christmas Music since November 15.

The move will give “Party” a slightly stronger signal in Gainesville as it relocates to the 6kW at 91 meters Class A signal located in Gainesville proper from the 2.2kW at 144 meter signal based north of the city. No word yet what will replace Party on 99.5.

Party 99.5debuted on June 1 of this year replacing News/Talk “99.5 The Star” following JVC’s acquisition of the station from Asterisk Communications.

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  1. chrisbubb says

    Sucks to see another heritage Smooth Jazz station gone. On the other hand, I’m surprised they held out this long. R.I.P. WXJZ

  2. elcartero says

    Giver JVC’s penchant for cloning its Long Island stations in Gainesville, along with the total lack of a Spanish-language station in the market (at least the northern half of it), I’d say expect “La Fiesta 99.5” to launch.soon.

  3. elcartero says

    “Giver” —> “Given” (spellcheck makes you stupid 🙂 )

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