Nash Launches In New Orleans

Rock 92.3 NashFM Nash WRKN New Orleans Cumulus Wheel Of FormatsUpdate 1/6: 92.3 WRKN has flipped to Country as “Nash-FM 92.3“.

Cumulus announces the launch today of NASH FM 92.3, marking Cumulus’s Country entrance into New Orleans. NASH FM 92.3 joins the growing list of NASH-branded Country stations. Cumulus will eventually have more than 60 owned-and-operated Country stations operating under the NASH brand.

Cumulus launched the NASH entertainment brand based on the Country music lifestyle in January 2013 with the flagship NASH FM 94.7 in New York City. In addition to country radio stations, the NASH brand will include a NASH magazine, concerts/events, online content and television programming.

This new entry into the format falls on the heels of WDRQ/Detroit that became NASH FM 93.1 in December. Stations “Powered by NASH”
feature exclusive programming content including “Kickin’ It with Kix” hosted by Kix Brooks, “NASH Nights Live” with Shawn Parr and “American Country Countdown.”

The station was formerly rock formatted WRKN. Cumulus is looking for an experienced Country format program director and air-talent. Apply to

Listen to the launch of Nash-FM 92.3 at

Original Report 1/3: Cumulus has dropped Rock at “Rock 92.3” WRKN LaPlace/New Orleans and is currently stunting with a “Wheel Of Formats”.

The station is running sweepers indicating the new format will debut on Monday, January 6 at 9:23am. Expectations in the market are that WRKN will flip to Country as “Nash-FM” to take on Clear Channel’s 101.1 WNOE.

WRKN had a 2.3 share in the just released Fall 2013 Nielsen ratings.

Along with the changes, Jason Ginty PD/Afternoon Host at WRKN and sister Sports “106.1 The Ticket” WMTI has exited.

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  1. Bizzle says

    Who is going to take on Rock in New Orleans now?

    1. kd5pck says

      Sirius/XM I suppose.

  2. Allan says

    They are playing the EXACT SAME content as the 94.7 WRXP “Wheel of Formats” to Nash-FM, and in the same way, with same liners, except changing the 94.7 to 92.3. I’m listening the live stream, and I have my memory and my recordings of WRXP. 99% of everything is the same! The polka, Al Vankovic, Smooth Jazz, Michael Jackson, etc!

    1. Lance Venta says

      Cumulus has used this stunt variation on many stations over the past few years including stations in Pensacola, Huntsville, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Toledo, New York, and now New Orleans.

    2. kd5pck says

      Maybe we’ll get Blair Gardner’s America’s Morning Show.

    3. Diamond Joe says

      Is a “Nothing But New Jersey” format tease in that flip wheel on 92.3 in New Orleans?

  3. RFLA says

    Either that or Big D and Bubba who just exited from the other country station in market and has I figure a lot of listeners who could jump ship from perinneal station wnoe.

    I think the format will unfortunately be dead here except sirius/xm as this is a active rock market and they play alternative? Hell they were two months back on alt rock charts so I think it was destined to die.

    with klrz flipping to ESPN, ginty leaving ruling out a flip of 106.1, I’m guessing that unless Mikey lmas one of his two stations down in plaqumines, forget a flip any year soon to rock as only one left is 107.5 and I don’t expect them to leave the format so soon.

    also rumors flying that BR will loose new rock soon for one of the klove formats … So

  4. Lou Pickney says

    I wonder if this might be the destination for the KNSH call letters that Cumulus parked on an AM station in Amarillo? The FCC has a history of showing flexibility with allowing W/K call letter shifts in Louisiana and Minnesota.

    1. Lance Venta says

      It’s possible, but I would think Cumulus has a bigger market in mind for the KNSH calls.

      1. RFLA says

        That and this station has always kept a W callsogn even though its licensed transmitter is on the west side. I find in Louisiana at least, the calls that make the flip are usually common properties of the owner. Such as WTIX-FMbeing licensed to a town 20 miles west of the river, the owner, held WTIX-AM in the call was used

  5. BC says

    i think the big d and bubba prediction is probably correct. judging by some recent moves, it’s become evident that “america’s morning show” won’t air on every cumulus owned country station. It will probably be similar to that of premiere networks, and may pick up non cumulus affiliates. i wasn’t aware that rock 92, was the only new orleans rock station, don’t know the market well, but my prediction is if anyone picks that up it would make the most sense for clear channel to flip voodoo

    1. Lance Venta says

      I would highly doubt it to be even possible. WRKN’s 60dBu coverage contour completely covers Baton Rouge. Guaranty’s 100.7 WTGE has picked up Big D & Bubba in their home market.

      1. Doctor-Technical says

        92.3’s original owner/engineer, who built that 2000′ monster tower three decades ago, used to tell us — with no small amount of pride — that his City Grade signal went from “the steps of the State Capitol to the foot of Canal Street”. Using modern topographical coverage software to look at our ruler-flat land, I can say that old Sid Levet III was way-underestimating his coverage even back then.

      2. RFLA says

        Only reason I said it, is even though 92.3 has 60dbu over Baton Rouge, it hasn’t been sold at all in BR and with ads on station and aiming of programming,traffic etc has been only to New Orleans. The transmitter has issues or someone flips it off for days as I’m 10 miles from the tower and sometimes I can tell they are using the backup in downtown NOLA.

        Wasn’t sure of the distance on non competes, and how much over lap is allowed etc etc. As if it was by market only since 92.3 has the signal but no presence, or by market and signal.

        104.1 here has been the same thing, DJs never know where Baton Rouge bedroom communities are that call in. But since this station was lower than Rock 92.3, curious if voodoo will go also, but I’d expect to kiss top 40 and say put their alternative rock on the 96.3 translator in town.

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