Dance Plays In Panama City

93.9 Play-FM Play FM WPCF TropRock Trop Rock Patrick Pfeffer Club La Vela Panama City BeachMagic Broadcasting’s “TropRock 1290” WPCF Panama City Beach, FL has flipped to Dance as “93.9 PlayFM“.

The flip comes as WPCF’s translator W227CE completes its move from 93.3 to 93.9 where it will now operate with 90 watts at 86.8 meters. The new format will be operated by Patrick Pfeffer, owner of Club La Vela, a dance club in Panama City Beach.

The previous “Trop Rock” format, a mix of Reggae and other Carribean influenced Rock in the vein of Jimmy Buffett, continues as a webcaster here.

The new “PlayFM” can be heard here.

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  1. EDM radio 87.9 says

    Pretty cool that Panama City got a dance station!!!!

  2. Poledo says

    With all the big useless FM signals PCB has available…. a translator?? Tisk Tisk..

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