San Antonio Is Less Wild & More Precious

Wild 105.7 La Preciosa San Antonio Regional Mexican Clear Channel Spoon RavenClear Channel Rhythmic CHR “Wild 105.7” K289BN/101.9 KQXT-HD2 San Antonio has flipped to Regional Mexican “La Preciosa 105.7“.

The Wild format debuted in September 2012 on 105.7 and 92.5 KRPT Devine amidst rumors that Cox would flip 106.7 KTKX to CHR. 92.5 broke off its simulcast in February 2013 to flip to Classic CountryK-BUC“. Morning host Spoon will remain with the cluster as Digital Director.

The move to Regional Mexican places 105.7 in competition with Univision’s duo of “Estereo Latino 92.9” KROM and “Tejano 107.5” KXTN and Border Media’s (About To Be L&L Broadcasting) pair of “La Ley 95.7” KLEY and “Norteño 104.1” KSAH

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  1. KP says

    I actually think this is more of a Spanish Oldies format or something similar. I’m not hearing average Regional-sounding stuff on 105.7, it sounds different.

  2. davideduardo says

    Yes, La Preciosa is a broad based Mexican oldies format but it shares commonality with the Jack type formats, too. It plays from the late 60’s into up to things as recent as the last 5 or 10 years, and has a playlist that is over 1000 songs deep. It is quite comparable to Univision’s Recuerdo format or Entravision’s José or the syndicated Juan offering.

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