JVC Spins Off WBXY Gainesville

Party 99.5 WBXY Gainesville 99.7 WGMA Ricardo Arroyo RMA MediaFollowing the move of the Dance format of “Party 99.5” WBXY to 100.9 WXJZ last month, we now know the cause and end result of that move.

JVC Media agreed to purchase its Gainesville/Ocala cluster from Asterisk Communications in May 2013 and has been operating the cluster under a Time Brokerage Agreement since. Now JVC has finally filed its application to acquire the stations outright for $3.5 Million.

With Asterisk’s grandfathered ownership of five FM’s in the market unable to be retained following the sale, JVC will turn around and spin-off 99.5 WBXY LaCrosse to Ricardo Arroyo’s RMA Media for $500,000. Arroyo holds a Construction Permit for 99.7 WGMA Silver Springs Shore that will serve the Ocala portion of the dual market.

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