WTAR To Drop Comedy For News/Talk/Sports Mix

Comedy 850 WTAR Norfolk News Talk Sports Dan Patrick Michael SavageSinclair Communications will flip “Comedy 850” WTAR Norfolk to a mix of News, Talk and Sports on Monday, January 27.

VARTV.com shares the audio of the announcement on sister News/Talk 790 WNIS of the change. WTAR’s lineup will feature Wall Street Journal This Morning from 6-9am, Fox Sports Radio’s Dan Patrick from 9am-12pm and Jay Mohr Sports from 12pm-3pm, and Cumulus Media Network’s Michael Savage from 3-6pm.

WTAR’s Comedy format registered a 1.0 share in the December 2013 PPM ratings.

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  1. Scott Fybush says

    Program filler content, reap filler ratings and revenue. If they got a 1.0 with comedy, that new lineup’s gotta be good for at least a 0.7 (and even older demos).

  2. Nathan Obral says

    Who in their right mind would listen to Jay Mohr segue into Michael Savage?

  3. JayR says

    Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t stations in the eastern time zone start their day at 5:00 am (excluding daytime-only AM stations)? What will precede “Wall Street Journal This Morning?”

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