WROO On The Road To New Frequency

104.9 The Road 96.7 WROO Greenville Mauldin Clear Channel Classic RockClear Channel Classic Rock “96.7 The Road” WROO Mauldin/Greenville, SC will head down the street next week.

The final piece of a multi-market three station shift will see WROO relocate to 104.9. The previous moves saw Clear Channel’s 104.9 WQNS in the Asheville, NC market slide to 105.1 and Byrne Acquisitions Group’s 104.9 WCCP-FM Clemson, SC relocate to 105.5. The move to 104.9 will come with a slight boost in power from 700 to 720 watts at 288 meters.

No specific time for the move has been announced other than “next week”.

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  1. Neil Griffin says

    I noticed that the 104.9 facility is on today. The change from 96.7must have happened yesterday evening or early this morning.

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