24/7 Comedy To Cease Syndication; New Network To Launch

Today's 24/7 Comedy George Gimarc Premiere Radio Networks Clear Channel  Now we know why Clear Channel has been dropping most of its Comedy formatted stations. Premiere Radio Networks will cease syndication of the 24/7 Comedy network on August 3.

Tom Taylor Now reports that Clear Channel will keep the brand alive on IHeartRadio. To serve the remaining affiliates, 24/7 Comedy founder George Gimarc is launching “Today’s Comedy“. The cloud based programming will be customized for each market. The new service will launch with eight affiliates coming over from 24/7 Comedy: Lincoln Financial Media’s 103.1 K276FK Denver, 1TV.com’s 1260 KBSZ/96.1 K241BQ Phoenix, Curtis Media’s 570 WFNL Raleigh, Tyler Media’s 1560 KEBC Oklahoma City, Biscoastal Media’s 990 KTHH Albany OR, Locally Owned Radio’s 1270 KXQZ Twin Falls ID, and two remaining Clear Channel affiliates 800 KBFP Bakersfield and 103.3 K227AG Beaumont TX.

There are five remaining Clear Channel affiliates that will likely be seeking a new programming source between now and August 3: 1440 KFNY Riverside CA, 960 WTGM Salisbury MD, 1370 WJIP Ellenville NY, 1420 WACT Tuscaloosa AL, and 1210 WLRO Baton Rouge.

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