Elroy Smith Makes Record Setting Translator Purchase

CSN International 100.7 W264BF Englewood Chicago Elroy Smith WGCIJust days after CSN International sold 103.9 W280EM Chicago for $1 Million, the group has sold another Chicago translator.

For the price of $4.6 million, the most spent for a translator, Elroy Smith’s Integrity Radio Communications will acquire 100.7 W264BF Englewood, IL. W264BF is currently licensed to operate with 2 watts at 442.2 meters from the top of the Willis Center with a Construction Permit to increase to 10 watts (Coverage Map). The sale application specifies Hubbard’s 100.3 WILV as originating station.

Elroy Smith spent fifteen years from 1992 until 2007 as Program Director of Clear Channel Urban 107.5 WGCI. He also held Operations Manager duties and programmed Urban AC “V103” 102.7 WVAZ and Gospel “Inspiration 1390” WGRB at time during his Chicago tenure. Smith then headed to Philadelphia as Operations Manager of Radio-One’s group of stations there and Inspirational format director overseeing the company’s Gospel formatted stations until exiting the company earlier this year.

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  1. Destructor says

    I hope now with all this money CSN can improve the audio quality of their stations. Most of their stations that I’ve heard on the air sound okay, but not amazing. I’m sure they will be able to do something though. Five million should be enough for a better satellite.

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