End Of 24/7 Comedy Leads To Flips Across The Country

Today's 24/7 Comedy George Gimarc Premiere Radio Networks Clear ChannelThe end of syndication distribution of the 24/7 Comedy network by Clear Channel has led to multiple format changes across the country.

Tyler Media’s 1560 KEBC Del City/92.9 K225BN Oklahoma City has shifted to Sports as “The Franchise 2” utilizing NBC Sports Radio and expanding the brand of sister 107.7 KRXO.

Funny 1440” KFNY Riverside, CA is now more as the station shifts to News/Talk “IE 1440“.

1370 WJIP Ellenville, NY reverts to a simulcast of sister News/Talk 1450 WKIP Poughkeepsie.

In Salisbury, MD, Clear Channel is moving the Sports “Fox Sports 1470” programming from 1470 WJDY to 960 WTGM. This returns the Sports format to the frequency it appeared on until the launch of 24/7 Comedy in 2012. 1470 WJDY is now airing Bloomberg Business News programming as “Newsradio 1470“.

A return to a previous Sports format also takes place in Baton Rouge where Clear Channel’s 1210 WLRO Denham Springs flips back to Sports as “Fox Sports 1210“.

WHAL Columbus, GA shifts to “Classic Country 1460“.

Clear Channel continues the Comedy programming from the new “Today’s Comedy” network continues on 800 KBFP Bakersfield. No word on the status of 1420 WACT Tuscaloosa.

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  1. jimh says

    So the translator on 92,.9 flips to sports. So now OKC has it’s 7th…or 8th, depending on how you count it, sports format. Talk about overkill….as at least half of these are do0med to failure, billing-wise.

  2. Warren Hodges Jr says

    I just checked and Rush Limbaugh was on. It would appear then that WJIP was flipping back to talk, likely resuming a simulcast of Poughkeepsie’s WKIP, from which it got the JIP calls. This tiny town AM actually has a decent 5KW daytime only signal, but signs off at sundown. Clear Channel has changed formats back and forth several times, using whatever doesn’t cost them much


  3. raccoonradio says

    I mentioned this on facebook and saw several people who were upset that comedy was gone and they were further enraged that it was replaced by conservative talk. One wrote “I will not listen to another political talk station. 24/7 comedy was what I listened to when I could not stomach the political garbage anymore.” I explained to him what Clear Channel etc was doing.

    1. Charles Everett says

      IE 1440 is most likely the Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity station for Riverside. Clear Channel should have dropped comedy for talk in Riverside when Limbaugh left KFI in January.

      As well, http://www.ie1440.com still redirects to http://www.comedy1440.com but now has the template used by Clear Channel’s news/talk stations.

      1. raccoonradio says

        I’m on “the other coast” (Mass.) but tried KFNY at 8:06 PT/11:06 ET via iHeartRadio and found Beck was running. One irate former listener said they found Hannity on and yes, no doubt Rush will be there too. Since KEIB has a weaker signal than the former home of these hosts, KFI, it no doubt will help fans of cons talk to the east and SE of L.A. Ratings I saw for San Ber./Riverside market had KFNY with microscopic ratings.

        In Boston they changed cons talk to comedy, and then to leased Bloomberg.The comedy wound up on the HD2 of WXKS FM; WRKO got Rush and C2C back, and WUFC 1510 is now running Beck and Hannity (and CC/Fox Sports dist. JT The Brick), so…

  4. raccoonradio says

    (that was re: KFNY)

  5. CW says

    Beaumont TX’s 103.3 translator was supposed to flip to the new Comedy channel (OH wait, I meant KKMY-HD-2…..surely the translator is just following the HD…HAhaha!)….but it went urban trying to go after Cumulus’ full power 102.5…GOOD luck on that…an 80watt 140 ft high translator that gets clobbered 3 miles away by cochannel down the coast…vs a 500ft 50KW full power signal?? Yeah, that will work….

  6. raccoonradio says

    KFNY running a show by actress Sam Sorbo aka Sam Jenkins (Sorbo her married name) at 9 ET; Rush is still on Salem’s
    KTIE 590

  7. Dan says

    WACT 1420 AM Tuscaloosa Alabama is now doing Hallelujah Gospel
    WHAL 1460 AM Phenix City Alabama is now doing Classic Country

    Dan <

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