Amp Radio Calgary Drops Quickhitz

Quickhitz Quick Hits Amp Radio 90.3 CKMP Calgary Newcap Steve JonesJust three weeks after flipping to the “Quickhitz” format featuring truncated versions of songs, Newcap is ending the experiment at “90.3 Amp Radio” CKMP Calgary.

Newcap Vice President/Programming Steve Jones told the Canadian Press,

It was greeted with a lot of curiosity and it was also greeted with numerous legal threats from a variety of different directions. As we evaluated it, we made the decision that this week we would just go back to the old strategy because to do this successfully would involve far too many lawyers getting far too rich.

Jones indicated that multiple lawsuits were threatened over the format from Canadian artists.

Nothing was ever launched, but there was sort of swashbuckling and discussions about that from various artists and other industry stakeholders. It just came to a point where we said it isn’t worth risking the relationships with all of our content providers, the various artists that we play, at our radio station.

Jones stated that Newcap will attempt to work with “various stakeholders in the industry and try and bring this back at a later date.”

Quickhitz was developed by Paragon Media and Sparknet Communications to offer 24 songs per hour.

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  1. Destructor says

    I wouldn’t want to hear half the song.

  2. Bongwater says

    GOOD RIDDANCE! I heard it and it was worse than hearing a K-tel album from the early ’70s. WHAT were they THINKING??

  3. BRH says

    I agree. Other than publicity, I just don’t see attraction of this format. I thought it was silly when the company first announced it.

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