FCC Applications 9/21: New Translators For Atlanta & Baltimore

Translator Moves

FCC Update Translator Construction Permit ApplicationsSteve Hedgwood’s Core Communicators recently launched Urban Oldies “Old School 99.3” on Edgewater Broadcasting’s W257DF Dallas, GA rebroadcasting 1010 WTZA Atlanta. Now the translator applies to move to downtown Atlanta with 99 watts at 263 meters (Coverage Map).

Radio-One may be adding an additional FM signal in Baltimore. Hope Christian Church of Marlton is seeking to move 102.3 W272BJ Fairlee, MD across Chesapeake Bay where it would operate with 99 watts ant 335 meters rebroadcasting Radio-One’s 1010 WOLB Baltimore (Coverage Map). The translator won’t have to worry about interference complaints from co-channel 102.3 WWMJ Bethesda as it is owned by Radio-One.

Community Education Foundation is inching 94.7 K234CL Dolan Springs, AZ towards Las Vegas. The translator seeks to shift to 94.9 with 250 watts at 480 meters from a tower site in Boulder City, NV rebroadcasting 104.3 KFRH Las Vegas, directionally pointed away from Las Vegas (Coverage Map).

Way Media’s 99.5 W258AU Chase, AL seeks to relocate to Huntsville with an increase from 10 to 120 watts at 392.7 meters rebroadcasting a subchannel of Clear Channel’s 102.1 WDRM Decatur (Coverage Map).

RCR of Randolph County’s 99.9 W260CG Burlington, NC applies to move to Asheboro with 250 watts at 115 meters rebroadcasting 700 WZOO Asheboro (Coverage Map).

Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls applies to move 90.5 W213BV White, GA to 103.7 in Cartersville operating with 10 watts at 201 meters rebroadcasting 89.9 KAWZ Twin Falls, ID (Coverage Map).

Virginia Tech University applies to relocate its CP 94.9 W235BT Spotsylvania, VA to Fredericksburg with 250 watts at 12 meters rebroadcasting 88.3 WQIQ Spotsylvania (Coverage Map).


Salem Broadcasting is expanding its holdings near Greenville, SC with a pair of purchases. Salem’s Caron Broadcasting will purchase the CP for 95.9 WLTE Pendleton, SC from Georgia-Carolina Wireless for $550,000. Caron will also add 102.9 W275BJ Pickens, SC from Tugart Properties for $185,000. W275BJ holds a CP to relocate to Greenville with 200 watts at 430 meters from the tower of Salem’s 94.5 WGTK-FM Greenville. Both sellers are controlled by Douglas Sutton and Terry Carter.

Salem also acquires the CP for 93.7 W229BR Bayshore Gardens, FL from Way Media for $14,000. W229BR will rebroadcast Conservative Talk 930 WLSS Sarasota.

Normin Broadcasting sells 94.7 KSKK Staples, MN to James Ingstad’s Radio Fargo-Moorhead for $900,000. As part of the deal, Radio Fargo-Moorhead applies to move the station to 94.5 in Frazee where it would operate with 11kW at 150 meters (Coverage Map).

Michael Piazza (not the future MLB Hall of Famer) sells 93.5 K228XO Flagstaff, 99.3 K257CD Phoenix, and 100.9 K265CI Prescott, AZ to Kenneth Brentlinger’s BigDog Communications for $100.

Mark Snow is selling a pair of his translators. 94.9 W235BS Birmingham (operated by Clear Channel as “Classic Rock 94.9“) goes to Red Mountain Broadcasting for $10. 92.1 W221DB Tuscaloosa goes to TTI, Inc for $10.

Clear Channel sells the CP for 92.9 K225BZ Webster City, IA to NRG Media for $15,000. NRG will utilize the translator to rebroadcast Oldies 1570 KQWC Webster City.

In the northwestern suburbs of Detroit, Educational Media Foundation sells 94.3 W232BH Holly, MI to Family Life Broadcasting for $1.

South Central Oklahoma Christian Broadcasting sells 89.3 KAZC Dickson, OK and 96.1 K241BM Duncan to The Chickasaw Nation for $240,000.

Robert Ladd is granting 50% ownership of 98.1 W251BL Everglades City, FL to Kevin Schmidt as the duo establishes a partnership as B&K Enterprises. The translator also seeks to shift to a new transmitter site with 250 watts at 30 meters rebroadcasting 1460 WVOI Marco Island (Coverage Map).

Zwerling Broadcasting System acquires the CP 104.1 K281CA Santa Cruz, CA from The Association For Community Education for $20,000. K281CA is currently licensed to rebroadcast EMF’s 90.7 KSRI Santa Cruz. Zwerling owns Talk 1080 KSCO Santa Cruz and Standards 1340 KOMY La Selva Beach.

Percy Squire’s Sandblast, LP is purchasing 99.5 W258CK Youngstown, OH from Starboard Media Foundation for $20,000.

Advance Ministries trades the CP for 92.3 K222AV Parker/Lake Havasu City, AZ to Donald Hendren for the CP for 107.1 K296GN Nothing/Prescott. In a second swap between the two, Advance Ministries sends 106.7 K294CQ Lake Havasu City to Hendren for 98.7 K254CB Nothing.

American Family Associations sells the CP for 93.7 W229BO Galesburg, IL to Galesburg Broadcasting for $24,000. The translator will rebroadcast News/Talk 1400 WGIL.

Thomas Hodgins sells 105.5 K288EU Lewiston & Clark, ID to the Nez Pierce Tribe for $70,000. The translator will rebroadcast 88.7 KIYE Kamiah.

Station Moves

Hall Communications is modifying the facilities of Country 98.1 WCTK New Bedford, MA from 47kW at 155 meters to 44kW at 159 meters from an adjacent tower (Coverage Map).

Following an objection by Cox Media’s 97.1 WSRV Gainesville/Atlanta, Georgia-Carolina Radiocasting is amending its application for 105.3 WSGC-FM Tignall to relocate to 96.7. Instead of operating as a Class C2 with 50kW at 139 meters, the station seeks to become a Class C3 with 25kW at 100 meters (Coverage Map).

Roy Henderson’s 100.1 WCUZ Bear Lake, MI was granted a CP last month to move to 100.7 while upgrading from a Class A to C3. Now the station seeks a new tower location which will allow the station to cover Traverse City. From the new location, WCUZ will operate with 7.3kW at 188 meters (Coverage Map).

With its Construction Permit set to expire, Virtues Communications Network applies to change its operating facility for 101.9 KJVV Twentynine Palms, CA from 6kw at 34.4 meters to 1kW at 66 meters (Coverage Map).

Organizacion ICC’s 102.1 KHBE Big Wells, TX applies to increase from 300 watts at 14 meters to 6kW at 86 meters (Coverage Map).

SSR Communications applies to upgrade its recently acquired 99.3 KQJO St. Joseph, LA from a Class A to a C3 operating with 15kW at 129 meters (Coverage Map).

Radio Station KMJY, Inc. applies to modify the CP for its 104.5 KGZG-FM1 Spokane booster to operate with 365 watts at 38 meters.

New Translator Grant

Priority Radio has been granted a new translator on 103.1 in Atlantic City, NJ operating with 13 watts at 138 meters rebroadcasting 88.3 WVBH Beach Haven West (Coverage Map).

Call Letter Changes

88.9 WKBR-FM Summerville, SC -> WZLC
89.1 NEW Dillon, SC -> WDFJ
89.7 NEW Eldorado, TX -> KWTR
91.5 WFBK Fort Mill, SC -> WRFJ
91.9 WKRI Cokesbury, SC -> WAHP
94.3 NEW Hanapepe, HI -> KZZV
95.3 WSKX York Center, ME -> WTBU
96.9 WBZJ Goldsboro, NC -> WWPL
101.9 NEW Twentynine Palms, CA -> KJVV
102.3 WWPL Smithfield, NC -> WFNL-FM
105.5 NEW Taos, NM -> KTRZ
107.3 WODX South Bristol Township, NY -> WNBL

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