KOGO Adds Eight Hours Of News Daily

600 KOGO NewsRadio News Chris Merril LaDona Harvey SullyClear Channel Talk 600 KOGO San Diego is rebooting its lineup starting Tuesday, October 14 as it adds three news blocks to its programming.

The new KOGO lineup will feature:

5am-9am: San Diego’s Morning News with LaDona Harvey and Ted Garcia
9am-12pm: Rush Limbaugh
12pm-1pm: KOGO’s News at Noon with Cliff Albert
1pm-4pm: Bob ‘Sully’ Sullivan
4pm-7pm: KOGO’s Afternoon News with Ernie Brown and Marilyn Hyder
7pm-9pm: Chris Merril @ Night
9pm-4am: Coast To Coast with George Noory
4am-5am: Wall Street Journal This Morning

The changes will see current midday talk host LaDona Harvey moved into mornings as co-host of the 5-9am news block. Rush Limbaugh remains in the 9am-12pm slot followed by an hour long news block anchored by News Director Cliff Albert. Current afternoon drive host Bob ‘Sully’ Sullivan moves from 3-7pm to 1-4pm, while current morning host Chris Merril moves to 7-9pm. The syndicated Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis exits the schedule.

NEWS RADIO KOGO 600 (KOGO-AM) has announced changes to its on-air lineup as part of its expanded news programming, effective Tuesday, October 14, 2014.

KOGO will now deliver more local news with in-depth conversation to the San Diego market each weekday morning, midday and afternoon along with traffic every 10 minutes and the area’s most dependable weather forecasts. The station will offer deeper analysis and discussion about stories that matter most to San Diego and the Southern California region. KOGO features a team of award-winning news anchors, reporters and editors, led by veteran News Director, Cliff Albert, who will also anchor KOGO’s News at Noon. San Diego’s Morning News will be co-anchored by LaDona Harvey and Ted Garcia and with insight on the top stories of the day, Marilyn Hyder and Ernie Brown will co-host KOGO’s Afternoon News.

“News Radio 600 KOGO’s commitment to news programming is unparalleled in San Diego County. We have assembled a fantastic lineup that will keep our audience informed on-air, online and through social media platforms,” said Brian Long, Program Director, KOGO

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  1. jimh says

    Ground Zero get the boot….but they keep 7 hours of George Noory?? If you’re gonna do 7 hours of “conspiracy”,it would make a lot more sense for 2 hours of Ground Zero THEN George Noory at 11pm/

  2. Dr. Akbar says

    More local content instead of syndicated talkers on a Clear Channel Ancient Modulation station?


    1. Michael Hagerty says

      No surprise there, Doc. This is directly modeled on the success we’re enjoying at KFBK in Sacramento, where we do:

      5-9 a.m. The KFBK Morning News with Ed Crane and Amy Lewis
      9 to 12 Rush Limbaugh
      12-3 p.m.Tom Sullivan
      3-4 p.m. John McGinness
      4-7 p.m. The KFBK Afternoon News with Kitty O’Neal
      7-10 p.m. The Pat Walsh Show
      10-4 a.m. Coast To Coast AM with George Noory
      4-5 a.m.. The Wall Street Journal This Morning

      We’re live and local 11 hours out of the day (Morning News, John McGinness, Afternoon News, Pat Walsh), and have the added benefit that both Rush and Tom were local hosts before going national and have been on our air the entire time.

      Bet on seeing more of this.

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