iHeartMedia Rocks Omaha On Two Frequencies

Rock Christmas 94.9 K235CD KISO-HD2 Omaha 102.3 As the clock struck midnight on December 26, iHeartMedia “Man’d Up” and launched “Rock 94.9/102.3“.

Airing on both 94.9 K235CD Omaha and 102.3 K272FE Council Bluffs, the station is airing a mix of Rock hits from the 70s to early 2000s.

Update 12/23: When the Christmas music ends on 94.9 K235CD Omaha, the translator will flip to Rock conveniently branded as “Rock 94.9“. Rock949Omaha.com was registered by iHeartMedia earlier this month and is already redirecting to 94.9’s site.

A flip to Rock will place the translator in competition with Journal’s “Z92” KEZO.

Original Report 11/12:
Following the launch
of “Christmas 102.3” K272FE Council Bluffs/Omaha on Halloween, iHeartMedia has debuted “Christmas 94.9” K235CD Omaha via 96.1 KISO-HD2.

Both translators have unique music and imaging, although there does appear to be some unique counter-programming at play. While one was playing Elvis’ Blue Christmas, the other was playing his Here Comes Santa Claus. A few minutes later as Madonna’s Santa Baby was ending on 102.3, the Eartha Kitt version of the song began on 94.9.

Just like 102.3 K272FE, 94.9 K235CD will launch a new permanent format after Christmas.

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  1. D.B. randolph RADIO says

    As of this moment, according to their websites, both stations are playing a Rock format (according to their Recently Played list, found at the top of their station’s pages).

    Though the online streams and websites have yet to change their names and designs to show a post-Christmas format.

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