Go 96.3 Minneapolis Launches GoTV

Go 96.3 KTWN-FM Minneapolis GoTV Go TVAn interesting technical evolution has launched at Northern Lights Alternative “Go 96.3” KTWN-FM Edina/Minneapolis.

KTWN-FM has launched “Go TV” with all the on-air elements of the radio station adding an online video component. Music videos play for whichever songs are playing, on-air talent are live on camera, and the imaging has a video component. On-air audio commercials are replaced with video spots. The only thing that hasn’t made the jump to video is the station’s Minnesota Twins baseball broadcasts. As MLB retains digital rights to all game broadcasts, “Go 96.3” continues its regular music programming online during baseball games.

INSTANT INSIGHT: This is a technical innovation that more radio stations can and should be doing. It adds an additional revenue stream through video spots and the ability for different types of listener interaction. The internet blurs the lines between radio and television and text and allows a station to be all of the above.

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