Pot Talk Launches In Colorado Springs

1580 KHIgh KHIG K High Colorado Springs Pot Talk Radio Marijuana With Colorado being one of two states legalizing marijuana and 4/20 approaching, SoCo Radio has flipped Sports “Fox Sports 1580” KREL Colorado Springs, CO to Marijuana Talk as “K-High 1580” KHIG.

K-High” will feature three local shows supplemented by National Marijuana News syndicated programming and the RadioMD network. Diablo, Dr. Tre and Les-B-Honest will host “Wake & Bake” from 7-9am. High Noon will air from 12-1pm, and High Drive from 5-7pm.

KHIG is owned by Pilgrim Communications and operated by SoCo Radio via LMA.

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  1. Kansas Radio says

    Will this fly with the FCC? It is promoting something that is a violation of Federal Law, just not State Law in Colorado?

    1. ksradiogeek says

      They have bigger things to worry about.

      1. ksradiogeek says

        If they had that big of an issue, the FCC would’ve fined the network for putting on “such indecent programming.”

    2. Joseph_Gallant says

      Colorado voters legalized “recreational” Marijuana a few years back, although, yes, “recreational” Marijuana is still illegal under Federal laws.

    3. bobloblaw says

      I can’t help but wonder how it is a “state rights issue” when lawmakers try to ban assault weapons.

      Yet, when the people of a State vote to legalize marijuana it is a Federal offense?

      Uzi? No problem! Weed? Big crime! I’m no Einstein but I do not ever recall an incident where a nut delivered mass carnage with a marijuana cigarette.

  2. Dr. Akbar says

    15~Eighty is at the “high” end of the dial. Interesting that it’s an LMA(O)!

  3. Christian says

    Uncle Charlie has bigger fish to fry, especially with all the stations nationwide that have been silent or mostly silent for years yet are still licensed.

  4. Bongwater says

    I think it’s a great idea. Recreational cannabis legalization is spreading and more and more people are favoring legalization. People want education and information on the various cannabis strains, concentrates (vaping oils, BHO dabbing waxes, shatter and kief) edibles and other products. And there are MILLIONS of cannabis users (and those curious.) That’s a lot of listeners.

    And as you can tell from my username, I NEVER hid my cannabis use. Ever.

    The times are changing. And this is an opportunity for radio to lead the way. So kudos to KHIG. I wish them all the best.

  5. Destructor says

    I’m another person who likes to light one up when it’s around. LOL good luck to them, it should become so popular it eventually spreads to FM.

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