Comedy Returns To Austin

Comedy 1260 Austin The Word KLGO Elgin #AustinLaughsAustin Radio Network has flipped Gospel “1260 The Word” KLGO Elgin/Austin, TX to Comedy “Comedy 1260“.

Utilizing programming from George Gimarc’s Today’s Comedy Network, the move returns the format to the market where it once gained its highest ratings. Emmis had operated “Comedy 102.7” K274AX prior to flipping it to Spanish CHR “Latino 102.7” in May 2013. K274AX peaked at a 4.3 share in January 2012 making it at the time the highest rated translator in a PPM market.

KLGO rimshots Austin from suburban Elgin with 1kW daytime and 140 watts nights.

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  1. Phil says

    The transmitter is located in Taylor, a little further north of Elgin on SH95.

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