EMF Inches Its Way Into Los Angeles

Air1 Air 1 88.9 KTLW Lancaster 91.9 Studio City Los Angeles Educational Media Foundation Life On The WayEducational Media Foundation has purchased Life On The Way Communications’ 88.9 KTLW Lancaster, CA and three translators for $1,075,000.

The three translators will increase EMF’s coverage in Los Angeles proper. 91.9 K220HC Studio City operates from the Hollywood Hills with 10 watts at 262.8 meters and covers Hollywood, Beverly Hills and other Central Los Angeles neighborhoods (Coverage Map). 91.9 K220FR Simi Valley serves the northwestern corner of the San Fernando Valley with 10 watts at 668 meters (Coverage Map). 88.9 K205EP Santa Clarita operates with 10 watts at 617 meters (Coverage Map).

Educational Media Foundation operates the Christian CHR “Air 1” network on a trio of suburban rimshots: 92.7 KYLA Fountain Valley, 92.7 KYRA Thousand Oaks, and 92.7 KYZA Adelanto. With its flagship “K-Love” brand unable to be used in Los Angeles due to Univision’s use of the brand on 107.5 KLVE, these new signals will likely be used to increase Air 1’s coverage within Los Angeles proper.

  1. Ben Ditzel says

    So frustrating that K-Love cant move into LA!

    1. kyl416 says

      If they want to bring their flagship brand into LA they have several choices, either rebrand and drop the K-LOVE name Univision had first, spend money and try to buy the rights to the name from Univision, or create a special feed of the same programming minus the K-LOVE name for LA.

      1. Ben Ditzel says

        Very true. If EMF was able to work a deal with Spanish-language pop 107.5 and somehow place K-LOVE programming (or offer a lease to Moody Bible Radio, Family Life Radio, or Way-FM etc..) on their now overlapping Air 1 frequency areas in the Simi Valley and NW San Fernando Valley areas, this would serve the area more effectively so as to add more programming, no matter how weak, to the still Christian radio desolate LA dial.

        Disclaimer: All being said, I am always happy to see any Christian station be added no matter how redundant or weak because it may reach even one or two people that need to hear it.

  2. Destructor says

    K-Love can’t be used in Dallas either. It is a catchy name, though.

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