Classic Hip-Hop Vibe Comes To The Twin Cities

105 The Vibe Ticket 105.1 WGVX 105.3 WRXP 105.7 WGVZ Minneapolis St. Paul Hot 102.5 Cumulus Classic Hip-HopCumulus has launched the second Classic Hip-Hop station in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

As we predicted in Daily Domains a couple weeks ago, “105 The Ticket” 105.1 WGVX Lakeville/105.3 WRXP Cambridge/105.7 WGVZ Eden Prairie/Minneapolis dropped its CBS Sports Radio programming at 3pm central time to become Classic Hip-Hop “105 The Vibe“. The trimulcast joins iHeartMedia’s “Hot 102.5” K273BH Fridley/97.1 KTCZ-HD3 Minneapolis, which debuted in early June.

What makes the situation in the Twin Cities unique is that the market does not have a single commerical Urban, Urban AC or Rhythmic CHR.

WGVX/WGVZ/WRXP dropped their local afternoon programming to run the national CBS Sports Radio lineup in June. The stations registered a paltry 0.1 share in the July Nielsen Audio ratings. The new format utilizes Westwood One’s syndicated Classic Hip-Hop network.

Cumulus Media announces that simulcast radio station WGVX-FM/WRXP-FM/WGVZ-FM in Minneapolis is now the Twin Cities’ all-new Classic Hip Hop station, The Vibe 105. The station, formerly programmed as Sports Talk 105 The Ticket, turned on the Classic Hip Hop format today at 4:00 p.m. Eastern. The Vibe 105 launched with wall-to-wall music and will play a unique mix of hit music from the biggest stars from the early days of Hip Hop.

The Vibe 105 has a totally unique take on Hip Hop, giving Twin Cities Hip Hop fans big Classic Hip Hop hits, mixed with some R&B “throwbacks” from the ‘80’s, ‘90’s and early 2000’s. The newly branded station also launched its new website, today. Westwood One, the leading provider of 24-hour radio formats, syndicates the Classic Hip Hop programming for The Vibe 105.

Scott Jameson, Operations Manager for Cumulus Minneapolis said: “Vibe 105 is a fresh and fun radio station for the Twin Cities. Our music mix appeals to a wide variety of Hip Hop fans and crosses over to consumers of other formats as well. Looking forward to hearing a new “Vibe” on our trio of 105’s (105.1, 105.3 and 105.7). Thanks to John Dickey for his vision in bringing this opportunity to the Midwest where Classic Hip Hop has an underserved audience.”

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  1. theoutsider says

    Two stations in Minneapolis-St Paul that play Classic Hip Hop, but no commercial stations that play current Hip Hop? Who will blink fist in this battle, IHeart or Cumulus?

  2. only1moore says

    This is not good. As much as I like the idea of seeing two Classic Hip-Hop outlets in the Twin Cities, one gets the feeling both are going to experience major burn out before the end of the year.

  3. saladressing says

    [quote]The station…turned on the Classic Hip Hop format today at 4:00 p.m. Eastern.[/quote]

    Minneapolis is in the Central Time Zone. Amazing that the press release would state ‘eastern time’.

    Also amazing that the market now has two classic hip-hop stations but hasn’t had a commercial Urban or Rhythmic CHR since B96 folded five years ago.

  4. Destructor says

    What I find funny is all this hype about the new station when it’s just some network feed piped into the transmitter. At least the music part of it.

    1. ksradiogeek says

      Shhhh…the average listener doesn’t know that!!!! 😉

    2. Charles Everett says

      What’s funnier is a nearly bankrupt consolidator going all-in for Rap Oldies just as it starts to crater.

      1. Nathan Obral says

        Are there ANY non-Cumulus stations that are utilizing the Westwood One satellite format?

        At least Z-Rock had a purpose, even though an all-metal format had zero staying power, at least back in 1988…

    3. Caleb Correll says

      Not everyone needs to know that. lol

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