WRSV Giving Raleigh An Urban Choice

92.1 ChoiceFM Choice Soul 92 Jams WRSV Rocky Mount Raleigh Breakfast Club Rickey SmileyNorthstar Broadcasting has relaunched Urban “Soul 92 Jams” WRSV Elm City, NC as “Choice-FM 92.1” as it moves its target market from Rocky Mount and Greenville to Raleigh.

The move comes as WRSV completed its tower move west of Rocky Mount where it is operating with 3.3kW at 138 meters. Despite moving its offices to Raleigh, the station is nothing more than a rimshot into the city (Coverage Map).

WRSV is now positioning itself as “The People’s Station” and has replaced the syndicated Rickey Smiley Morning Show with Premiere Radio Networks’ Breakfast Club. Afternoon host Jo-Jo Peoples shifts to middays. The station will move its midday Gospel “Joy In The Morning” programming to Sunday mornings only as well as increase its presence on sister 1390 WEED Rocky Mount, which has been rebranded “Joy 1390“.

The following letter explaining the changes was posted on WRSV’s Facebook page:

Though Soul 92 started it’s journey on the airwaves as being the heart and “soul” of the community, one of our board members felt the name reflected too much of a 70’s feel and thus changed the name. Also, before 1996, Soul 92 was “The People’s Station” and it pointed to the Raleigh area, but the station was in the process of change to point to Greenville when our founder died. We are truly thankful to our listeners in Greenville for embracing us for the last 15+ years and still consider G-Vegas as a historical height for the station. However, over the last few years the momentum the station had before when it pointed west was missed.

Thus, a change has been made. Our sister station WEED 1390 is now Joy 1390AM and it fully serves the gospel community and all you are used to hearing on “Joy in the Morning”. As for the FM, it is now “The People’s Station” “Choice FM” and now serves the Rocky Mount, Wilson, Nashville, Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Zebulon & Clayton communities. Though you may notice some programming changes here with “The Breakfast Club” and a few other tweaks, “Joy in the Morning” will be there as always on Sunday morning (Charles O would turn in his grave if this one changed).

Change is constant and we are barreling through ours in hopes of bringing our current and new listeners of both stations powerful presences in their areas! We apologize for no real info beforehand, but it’s the competitive nature of radio that prevented us from doing so. We hope you make the “choice” to listen to a new morning show on Choice FM and new programming, as well as, that great gospel programming you’re used to on “Joy in the Morning” over on Joy 1390 AM!!! Bare with us as we make tweaks. And yep, we have a few Facebook tweaks to make too…we’re getting around to it…Keep listening…we are still Soul 92 Jams in the back…just giving you a CHOICE to move up front!

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  1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    I have no idea why they went with a logo that includes the hundredths digit of the frequency (“92.10”). Does anyone else in the U.S. do that?

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